2021 Transactions

  1. 2/24/21 Brookeville sends ILB Avery Williamson, OLB Jahlani Tavai, WR AJ Green, and 2021 Min#2 to Keystone State for QB Ryan Tannehill and 2021 Key#8.
  2. 2/26/21 Maryland sends QB Jimmy Garoppolo and LB Jaylon Smith to Eugene for LB Lavonte David and 2021 Eug#2.
  3. 3/3/21 Towson sends RB Austin Ekeler and 2022 Tow#3 to Brookeville for QB Ryan Tannehill.
  4. 3/8/21 Maryland sends TE Gerald Everett to Green Briar for G Austin Corbett.
  5. 3/10/21 New Castle sends WR Courtland Sutton to Maryland for 2021 Eug#2.
  6. 3/12/21 Bleeding sends S Julian Love and 2022 Ble#1 to Steel City for WR Adam Thielen and T Russell Okung.
  7. 3/17/21 Brookeville sends QB Drew Lock and DE Tanoh Kpassagnon to Steel City for 2022 Ble#1 and OLB Tyus Bowser.
  8. 3/18/21 New Castle sends RB Frank Gore and 2022 NC#8 to Eugene for C Alex Mack.
  9. 3/22/21 Arizona sends RB Jakob Johnson to Minneapolis for 2022 Min#7.
  10. 3/25/21 Brookeville sends LB Kevin Pierre-Louis, WR N’Keal Harry, and 2022 Bro#8 to Eugene for T Ronnie Stanley and 2022 Eug#7.
  11. 3/26/21 Maryland sends DT Javon Hargrave, RB Ryan Nall, and 2022 Mar#8 to Eugene for DT David Onyemata.
  12. 3/26/21 Maryland sends CB Marlon Humphrey, OLB Von Miller, and WR Odell Beckham to Toledo for WR Mike Evans, 2021 Rid#1, and 2021 Har#3.
  13. 4/5/21 Carolina sends G-T Germain Ifedi to Bullard for C Nick Gates.
  14. 4/5/21 Brookeville sends TE Logan Thomas to Eugene for DB Lamarcus Joyner, DL Arik Armstead, 2021 Eug#3, and 2022 Eug#5.
  15. 4/5/21 Brookeville sends DL Jihad Ward to Springboro for WR Randall Cobb.
  16. 4/5/21 Minneapolis sends TE Mo Alie-Cox to Springboro for OLB Nicholas Morrow.
  17. 4/8/21 Minneapolis sends CB Byron Murphy and 2021 NY#1 to Green Briar for 2021 GB#1.
  18. 5/3/21 Maryland sends T Charles Leno, DL Tyquan Lewis, DT Hassan Ridgeway, and 2022 Mar#5 to Pittsburgh for T Duane Brown.
  19. 5/4/21 Minneapolis sends ILB Josey Jewell and G Forrest Lamp to Flatbush for G David Edwards and DL BJ Hill.
  20. 5/6/21 Maryland sends CB William Jackson to Bullard for S Taylor Rapp and 2022 Bul#4.
  21. 5/7/21 New Castle sends QB Alex Smith and 2021 NC#8 to Brookeville for 2021 Fla#7.
  22. 5/7/21 Toledo sends S Jonathan Abram to Maryland for 2021 Har#3 and 2022 Mar#6.
  23. 5/7/21 Maryland sends S Jonathan Abram and DE Dee Ford to Steel City for OLB Rashan Gary and T Tyrell Crosby.
  24. 5/10/21 Maryland sends T Tyrell Crosby and DL Kentavius Street to New Castle for S Mike Edwards.
  25. 5/10/21 Brookeville sends ILB Joe Thomas to Flatbush for DE Roy Robertson-Harris.
  26. 5/12/21 Denver sends DL Justin Jones to Green Briar for DE Olivier Vernon.
  27. 5/12/21 Steel City sends TE Tyler Eifert and S Damarious Randall to New Castle for OLB Duke Riley.
  28. 5/13/21 Bleeding sends RB Marlon Mack and 2022 Ble#2 to Eugene for CB Malcolm Butler.
  29. 5/17/21 Buffalo Grove sends RB Derrick Henry and 2021 Buf#4 to Virginia for QB Baker Mayfield, RB Boston Scott, and 2021 Key#1.
  30. 5/21/21 Buffalo Grove sends WR Kenny Golladay, DE Zach Allen, and DT Sheldon Rankins to Steel City for T Rob Havenstein, DL Akiem Hicks, and DT Grover Stewart.
  31. 5/21/21 Denver sends DE Olivier Vernon, CB Darius Phillips, and 2021 Ste#4 to Flatbush for DL Emmanuel Ogbah, OLB Eric Wilson, and 2021 Den#6.
  32. 5/25/21 New Castle sends OLB Anthony Barr and 2021 Fla#7 to Flatbush for WR Damiere Byrd and 2021 Fla#5.
  33. 5/25/21 Brookeville sends T Cameron Fleming and CB Chandon Sullivan to Flatbush for S Vonn Bell and 2022 Fla#8.
  34. 5/26/21 Denver sends RB Jeff Wilson and 2022 Den#7 to Steel City for RB Justin Jackson and 2022 Ste#5.
  35. 5/27/21 Brookeville sends QB Alex Smith and 2021 Ari#6 to Eugene for S Jaquiski Tartt.
  36. 6/1/21 Brookeville sends CB Kevin Toliver and OLB LP Ladouceur to Kentucky for CB Tavon Young and S Tony Jefferson.
  37. 6/9/21 Denver sends C Lamont Galliard to Keystone State for K Matt Gay.
  38. 6/15/21 Brookeville sends CB Jamal Perry to Green Briar for RB Jordan Howard.
  39. 6/17/21 Brookeville sends T Trey Pipkins to Springboro for TE Chris Manhertz.
  40. 6/21/21 Minneapolis sends QB Matt Ryan to Maryland for S Mike Edwards, 2021 Mar#1, and 2022 Mar#3.
  41. 6/23/21 Brookeville sends QB Jeff Driskel to Minneapolis for 2021 Car#8.
  42. 6/29/21 Minneapolis sends OLB KJ Wright, 2021 Tow#2, and 2022 Min#6 to Towson for 2022 Tow#1, 2022 Tow#5, and 2022 Tow#8.
  43. 6/30/21 Minneapolis sends WR Keelan Cole to Brookeville for 2022 Tow#3.
  44. 7/1/21 Brookeville sends T Roderick Johnson and 2021 Car#8 to Green Briar for TE James O’Shaughnessy.
  45. 7/8/21 Denver sends G-T Matt Pryor to Vancouver for 2021 Bro#8.
  46. 7/16/21 Brookeville sends DE-OLB Chase Winovich to Steel City for DL Jerry Tillery and CB Gareon Conley.
  47. 7/16/21 Steel City sends QB Nick Mullens to New York for 2022 NY#4.
  48. 7/19/21 Minneapolis sends DE Vinny Curry and C Ben Garland to Arizona for 2021 Rid#7.
  49. 7/23/21 Denver sends T Jawaan Taylor, K Zane Gonzalez, 2021 Den#1, and 2021 Den#3 to Elyria for RB Josh Adams, 2021 Ely#1, and 2022 Ely#8.
  50. 8/4/21 New Castle sends WR Pharoh Cooper to Prescott for DE Ryan Kerrigan.
  51. 8/4/21 Brookeville sends WR Curtis Samuel to Steel City for DT Christian Covington, S Jonathan Abram, CB Trae Waynes, and 2022 Ste#2.
  52. 8/9/21 Denver sends RB Lamar Miller and 2021 Pre#8 to Minneapolis for 2021 Rid#7.
  53. 8/9/21 Denver sends 2022 Den#8 to Minneapolis for 2021 Pre#8.
  54. 8/10/21 Arizona sends S Ricardo Allen and G JR Sweezy to Kentucky for G-T Andrew Wiley.
  55. 8/10/21 Minneapolis sends S Quandre Diggs and RB Brian Hill to Prescott for 2022 Pre#1.
  56. 8/11/21 Denver sends DE Dante Fowler to Minneapolis for 2022 Mar#3.
  57. 8/11/21 Arizona sends S Jaquan Johnson and 2021 Ari#4 to Virginia for WR David Moore and CB Ahkello Witherspoon.
  58. 8/13/21 Denver sends CB Jourdan Lewis, G Nick Allegretti, and DT Armon Watts to Virginia for OLB Malik Reed.
  59. 8/13/21 Toledo sends S Troy Apke to Carolina for 2022 Car#8.
  60. 8/14/21 Denver sends 2021 Ely#1 and 2021 Den#2 to St. Louis for 2021 STL#1.
  61. 8/14/21 Toledo sends 2021 Tol#1 and 2021 Tol#2 to Vancouver for 2021 Van#1.
  62. 8/14/21 Arizona sends 2021 Ari#1 and 2022 Ari#4 to Maryland for 2021 Rid#1 and 2021 Ble#2.
  63. 8/14/21 Towson sends 2021 Tow#1 to Steel City for S Adrian Amos.
  64. 8/14/21 Brookeville sends 2021 Ble#1 to St. Louis for 2022 STL#1 and DE Dawaune Smoot.
  65. 8/14/21 Minneapolis sends 2021 Min#1 to Buffalo Grove for 2022 Buf#1.
  66. 8/14/21 New Castle sends 2021 Eug#2 to Toledo for CB Charvarius Ward.
  67. 8/14/21 Elyria sends 2021 Ely#2 to Buffalo Grove for DT Brandon Williams, CB Chris Harris, and 2021 Buf#6.
  68. 8/14/21 Prescott sends 2022 Pre#2 to St. Louis for 2021 STL#3.
  69. 8/14/21 St. Louis sends DL Deatrich Wise to Pittsburgh for 2021 Pit#5 and 2021 Pit#6.
  70. 8/14/21 St. Louis sends DT Derrick Nnadi to Toledo for 2021 Tol#4.
  71. 8/14/21 Denver sends 2021 Rid#4 to Arizona for 2021 Ari#5 and 2021 Bro#6.
  72. 8/14/21 Denver sends DT Calais Campbell to Keystone State for 2022 Key#3.
  73. 8/14/21 Towson sends K Cody Parkey to Maryland for 2021 Mar#8.
  74. 8/14/21 Brookeville sends 2022 Bro#5 to Virginia for RB Jerick McKinnon and 2022 Vir#7.
  75. 8/14/21 Prescott sends 2022 Pre#5 to Towson for 2021 Min#5.
  76. 8/14/21 Denver sends 2021 Bro#7 and 2022 Den#5 to Minneapolis for 2022 Min#5 and 2022 Den#8.
  77. 8/14/21 Towson sends 2021 Mar#8 to Eugene for 2022 Eug#8.
  78. 8/14/21 Towson sends 2021 Tow#7 to Minneapolis for 2022 Min#8 and 2022 Tow#8.
  79. 8/14/21 Prescott sends 2022 Pre#7 to Kentucky for 2021 Ken#7.
  80. 8/14/21 Denver sends 2022 Den#8 to Eugene for 2021 Mar#8.
  81. 8/14/21 Pittsburgh sends 2021 Pit#8 to Toledo for CB Anthony Averett.
  82. 8/14/21 Towson sends K Nick Folk to Bleeding for 2022 Ble#7 and 2022 Ble#8.
  83. 8/14/21 Denver sends TE Luke Stocker to Bleeding for TE Ben Ellefson.
  84. 8/14/21 Bleeding sends OLB Tipa Galeai to Denver for DL Malcolm Roach.
  85. 8/14/21 Denver sends CB Holten Hill to Hartford for CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson.
  86. 8/14/21 Bleeding sends T Storm Norton to Toronto for C JJ Jansen.
  87. 8/14/21 Brookeville sends RB Artavis Pierce to Eugene for OLB Cam Brown.
  88. 8/14/21 Brookeville sends CB Justin Bethel to Kentucky for TE Charlie Woerner.
  89. 8/14/21 Minneapolis sends S DeShon Elliott, WR Keke Coutee, WR Isaiah Ford, G Gabe Jackson, OLB Anthony Nelson, CB Avonte Maddox, 2022 Pre#1, 2022 Buf#1, 2022 Tow#3, and 2022 Min#4 to Eugene for S Antoine Brooks, 2022 Eug#1, and 2022 Eug#2.
  90. 8/14/21 Denver sends WR Christian Blake to Kentucky for ILB Shaun Bradley.
  91. 8/14/21 Denver sends T Ty Sambrailo and S Raven Greene to Eugene for G Mike Iupati.
  92. 8/14/21 Brookeville sends RB Tarik Cohen to Toledo for OLB Bryce Huff.
  93. 8/14/21 Denver sends RB Alfred Morris to Ridgeville for OLB Cam Gill.
  94. 8/16/21 Denver sends DE-LB Niko Lalos to Minneapolis for RB Elijhaa Penny.
  95. 8/16/21 Bleeding sends P Pat O’Donnell to Toledo for CB Kevin Johnson.
  96. 8/16/21 Arizona sends S Doug Middleton to Flatbush for QB Logan Woodside.
  97. 8/16/21 Denver sends LB Oren Burks to Prescott for WR Tommylee Lewis.
  98. 8/16/21 Minneapolis sends DL Nick Thurman to Kentucky for RB JaMychal Hasty.
  99. 8/16/21 Buffalo Grove sends QB Cam Newton to Eugene for QB Marcus Mariota.
  100. 8/16/21 New York sends RB-WR Joe Reed to Maryland for CB Antonio Hamilton.
  101. 8/17/21 Prescott sends TE Brycen Hopkins to Ridgeville for CB Josiah Scott.
  102. 8/17/21 Flatbush sends ILB Shaquille Quarterman to Minneapolis for S Myles Hartsfield.
  103. 8/18/21 Buffalo Grove sends T Mitchell Schwartz, G Isaac Seumalo, and DT Danny Shelton to Flatbush for C Nick Martin and WR DeAndre Carter.
  104. 8/18/21 Brookeville sends G Brian Winters to Flatbush for T Elijah Wilkinson.
  105. 8/18/21 Towson sends CB Nevin Lawson to Kentucky for T Kelvin Beachum.
  106. 8/18/21 Brookeville sends S Johnathan Abram to St. Louis for 2022 STL#5.
  107. 8/18/21 Carolina sends OLB Dem Flannigan-Fowles, G Jordan Simmons, T Yosh Nijam, and 2022 Car#7 to Arizona for 2022 Min#7.
  108. 8/18/21 Denver sends P Hunter Niswander and S JT Gray to Flatbush for S Henry Black and DL Ron’Dell Carter.
  109. 8/19/21 Arizona sends P AJ Cole, DT Mike Pennel, and C-G Joe Looney to Steel City for C-G Brett Jones and RB Dare Ogunbowale.
  110. 8/19/21 Towson sends DL Ross Blacklock, P Sterling Hofrichter, and 2022 Tow#4 to Buffalo Grove for OLB Sione Takitaki and HB Garrett Griffin.
  111. 8/19/21 Ridgeville sends G Simon Stepaniak to Arizona for T Justin Herron.
  112. 8/21/21 Brookeville sends DT Christian Covington to Toronto for T Storm Norton.
  113. 8/21/21 Arizona sends WR Devin Funchess and 2022 Ari#8 to Maryland for 2022 Mar#7.
  114. 8/24/21 Toledo sends RB Jordan Wilkins to Elyria for 2022 Ely#7.
  115. 8/24/21 Toledo sends DL Jalyn Holmes and DE-LB Kyle Phillips to Flatbush for T Cameron Fleming.
  116. 8/24/21 Brookeville sends DT Shy Tuttle, S Jaquiski Tartt, OLB Jacob Martin, and TE James O’Shaughnessy to Flatbush for T Josh Wells, 2022 Fla#4, and 2022 Fla#7.
  117. 8/25/21 New Castle sends DL Kentavious Street to Brookeville for 2022 Fla#8.
  118. 8/25/21 Brookeville sends DT Maurice Hurst to Towson for 2022 Tow#8.
  119. 8/25/21 Towson sends TE Jacob Hollister to Kentucky for RB Alex Armah and 2022 Ken#6.
  120. 8/25/21 Pittsburgh sends RB David Johnson and 2022 Pit#6 to Maryland for 2022 Bul#4 and 2022 Ari#4.
  121. 8/25/21 Brookeville sends CB Trae Waynes to Towson for 2022 Ble#8.
  122. 8/25/21 Brookeville sends RB JD McKissic, TE Ross Dwelley, and DL Leki Fotu to Bleeding for DL Malcolm Roach, WR Adam Humphries, 2022 Ble#3, and 2022 Ble#6.
  123. 8/26/21 Arizona sends C-G Brett Jones, QB Jarrett Stidham, and 2022 Car#7 to Flatbush for C-G Tyler Shatley and S Myles Hartsfield.
  124. 8/27/21 Towson sends WR Denzel Mims to Hartford for 2022 Har#4.
  125. 8/27/21 Carolina sends OLB AJ Klein and 2022 Min#7 to Ridgeville for 2022 Rid#4.
  126. 8/27/21 Buffalo Grove sends K Matt Prater and 2022 Buf#8 to New York for 2022 NY#8.
  127. 8/27/21 Brookeville sends QB Colt McCoy and 2022 Tow#8 to Ridgeville for 2022 Rid#8.
  128. 8/27/21 Maryland sends G James Daniels to Pittsburgh for CB DeAndre Baker and 2022 Pit#3.
  129. 8/27/21 Maryland sends ILB Lavonte David and C Mitch Morse to Steel City for ILB Anthony Walker and C Anthony McCoy.
  130. 8/28/21 Vancouver sends QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and QB Taylor Heinicke to Brookeville for 2022 Bro#2.
  131. 9/2/21 Maryland sends DB TJ Green to Steel City for CB Isaac Yiadom.
  132. 9/5/21 Maryland sends WR Michael Thomas and 2022 Pit#6 to Pittsburgh for DL Tyquan Lewis and 2022 Pit#2.