2020 Transactions

  1. 2/24/20 Brookeville sends QB Philip Rivers, WR Larry Fitzgerald, 2021 Bro#7, and 2021 Bro#8 to Ridgeville for 2021 Rid#2, 2020 Rid#3, 2021 Rid#5, and 2021 Rid#7.
  2. 2/24/20 Steel City sends QB Case Keenum and 2021 Ste#7 to New Castle for 2021 NC#2.
  3. 2/26/20 Maryland sends OLB Tarell Basham, CB JC Jackson, and 2020 Ble#7 to Brookeville for DE DeMarcus Lawrence.
  4. 2/27/20 Maryland sends WR Allen Lazard, DT DJ Jones, CB Isaac Yiadom, and 2020 Mar#1 to Steel City for WR Keenan Allen.
  5. 2/27/20 Buffalo Grove sends WR James Washington, RB Rex Burkhead, and 2020 Buf#3 to Carolina for QB Jacoby Brissett.
  6. 2/27/20 Towson sends QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, T Kolton Miller, and 2020 Pre#1 to Steel City for WR Michael Gallup, 2021 Ste#3, and 2021 Ste#6.
  7. 2/28/20 Steel City sends RB Ronald Jones and DE Mario Addison to Carolina for 2020 Car#2, 2020 Car#5, and 2021 Car#4.
  8. 2/28/20 Toledo sends CB William Jackson to Maryland for CB Kevin Johnson and WR Demarcus Robinson.
  9. 2/28/20 Toledo sends OLB Jack Cichy and G-T Alex Cappa to Maryland for DE Ifeadi Odenigbo.
  10. 3/7/20 Brookeville sends DT Aaron Donald to Eugene for QB Josh Rosen and 2020 Eug#1.
  11. 3/9/20 Maryland sends CB Kevin King, G Quinton Spain, OLB Tyus Bowser, RB CJ Prosise, and 2020 Bro#3 to Steel City for TE Evan Engram.
  12. 3/9/20 St. Louis sends WR Davante Parker to Toledo for DE Dawuane Smoot and 2020 Tol#1.
  13. 3/9/20 Green Briar sends QB Eli Manning to Arizona for 2020 Ari#7.
  14. 3/10/20 Brookeville sends QB Matt Schaub to Toledo for 2020 Tol#5.
  15. 3/18/20 Toledo sends OLB Von Miller and 2020 Tol#6 to Maryland for 2020 Bul#3, 2020 Mar#3, 2021 Mar#3, and 2020 Bul#4.
  16. 4/3/20 Steel City sends OLB Anthony Barr and 2020 Car#5 to New Castle for ILB Anthony Walker and 2020 NC#6.
  17. 4/4/20 Brookeville sends WR Brandin Cooks to Minneapolis for RB JD McKissic and 2021 Min#2.
  18. 4/4/20 Buffalo Grove sends CB Gareon Conley, OLB Brennan Scarlett, and S Damarious Randall to Steel City for CB Chris Harris.
  19. 4/4/20 Brookeville sends WR Julian Edelman and DE Cameron Heyward to Buffalo Grove for DT Maurice Hurst, WR Zach Pascal, and 2020 Buf#1.
  20. 4/4/20 Brookeville sends RB Devonta Freeman to Keystone State for 2021 Key#3.
  21. 4/4/20 Steel City sends CB Pierre Desir to New Castle for T Chukwuma Okorafor and 2021 NC#7.
  22. 4/4/20 Brookeville sends OLB Ryan Kerrigan to Prescott for 2021 Pre#3.
  23. 4/6/20 Minneapolis sends LB Jamie Collins and 2021 Min#5 to Towson for 2020 Tow#2 and 2021 Tow#2.
  24. 4/7/20 Brookeville sends T Bryan Bulaga to Toledo for 2020 Bul#3.
  25. 4/7/20 Vancouver sends DB Cameron Sutton, DT Christian Covington, 2020 Van#1, and 2020 Ste#3 to Steel City for QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, T Lane Johnson, DL Jordan Phillips, T Cordy Glenn, and 2021 Ste#2.
  26. 4/7/20 Steel City sends 2020 Van#1 to St. Louis for QB Sam Darnold.
  27. 4/7/20 Brookeville sends G Joel Bitonio to Bleeding for 2021 Ble#1, 2021 Ble#3, and 2021 Ble#7.
  28. 4/7/20 Ohio sends QB Ryan Tannehill to Keystone State for 2021 Key#1.
  29. 4/8/20 Bleeding sends G Trai Turner to Towson for DE Olivier Vernon, WR Adam Humphries, and S Bradley McDougald.
  30. 4/8/20 Towson sends C Jon Halapio to New Castle for CB Mackenzie Alexander.
  31. 4/8/20 Brookeville sends C Alex Mack to Eugene for 2020 Eug#3.
  32. 4/8/20 Towson sends RB Dare Ogunbowale, TE Kyle Rudolph, and T Donald Penn to Steel City for 2021 Ste#4 and 2021 Ste#8.
  33. 4/8/20 Ridgeville sends RB DeAndre Washington and 2021 Rid#4 to Denver for T Demar Dotson and 2021 Den#5.
  34. 4/9/20 Toledo sends WR TY Hilton, DE Ifeadi Odenigbo, and 2021 Tol#7 to Carolina for 2020 Car#1 and 2021 Car#2.
  35. 4/10/20 Ridgeville sends C Matt Skura to Carolina for ILB David Mayo.
  36. 4/10/20 Buffalo Grove sends TE Tyler Eifert and C Daniel Kilgore to Steel City for 2020 NC#6 and 2021 Ste#5.
  37. 4/13/20 Brookeville sends S DJ Swearinger to Green Briar for TE Logan Thomas.
  38. 4/14/20 Maryland sends DE Demarcus Lawrence, S Eric Weddle, WR Josh Gordon, and 2021 Mar#4 to Prescott for S Marcus Williams and DT Javon Hargrave.
  39. 4/14/20 Steel City sends WR John Brown to Bullard for 2020 Tow#1.
  40. 4/20/20 Maryland sends ILB Benardrick McKinney, 2020 Tol#6, 2020 Van#8, 2021 Mar#5, 2021 Mar#6, and 2021 Mar#7 to Vancouver for OLB Bruce Irvin and 2020 Van#2.
  41. 4/22/20 Brookeville sends CB Jonathan Joseph to Vancouver for ILB Mark Barron, CB Dre Kirkpatrick, DE Dion Jordan, and 2021 Van#6.
  42. 4/27/20 Vancouver sends T Cordy Glenn and 2020 Van#7 to Arizona for 2020 Min#6.
  43. 4/27/20 Toledo sends C Brian Allen to Minneapolis for 2021 Min#6.
  44. 4/27/20 Maryland sends OLB Bruce Irvin and DL Kerry Hyder to Elyria for OLB Thomas Davis.
  45. 4/28/20 Denver sends WR Randall Cobb and K Daniel Carlson to Bluff City for CB Jourdan Lewis and 2020 Blu#7.
  46. 4/28/20 Brookeville sends OLB Tarell Basham to Green Briar for 2020 GB#3 and 2020 GB#8.
  47. 4/28/20 Maryland sends G Alex Cappa and 2020 Van#2 to Steel City for G Mike Person and 2020 Tow#1.
  48. 4/28/20 Maryland sends QB Jared Goff, G-T Daryl Williams, C-G Austin Corbett, CB Tony McRae, DL Montravious Adams, and G Joshua Garnett to Green Briar for QB Jimmy Garoppolo and WR Robert Foster.
  49. 4/29/20 Brookeville sends T Jason Peters and 2020 Ble#7 to Ridgeville for 2021 Rid#3 and 2020 Rid#5.
  50. 4/29/20 Buffalo Grove sends ILB Alec Ogletree to Steel City for 2021 NC#7.
  51. 4/30/20 Elyria sends G Richie Incognito to Ridgeville for T Morgan Moses and DE Dean Lowry.
  52. 4/30/20 Brookeville sends DT Damon Harrison to Prescott for CB Kevin Toliver and 2021 Pre#5.
  53. 4/30/20 Eugene sends ILB Avery Williamson and 2020 Eug#8 to Brookeville for 2020 Pit#7.
  54. 5/1/20 Flatbush sends C-G James Daniels to Maryland for G Mike Person and 2021 Mar#2.
  55. 5/1/20 Towson sends G Josh Kline to Green Briar for G James Carpenter.
  56. 5/4/20 Denver sends DE Justin Houston, T Joe Staley, and 2021 Den#8 to Bleeding for T DJ Humphries, 2020 Pre#2, and 2021 Ble#6.
  57. 5/4/20 Brookeville sends S Antoine Bethea to Vancouver for S Morgan Burnett and 2020 Tol#6.
  58. 5/4/20 Toledo sends TE Hayden Hurst, 2020 Car#1, and 2020 Mar#3 to Flatbush for 2020 Fla#1.
  59. 5/4/20 Minneapolis sends CB Rasul Douglas and DL Tyquan Lewis to Green Briar for G-T Daryl Williams and 2021 GB#8.
  60. 5/5/20 Minneapolis sends 2020 Ken#1 to New York for 2021 NY#1, 2021 NY#2, and 2021 NY#3.
  61. 5/6/20 Brookeville sends CB Malcolm Butler and ILB Wesley Woodyard to Eugene for CB Fabian Moreau.
  62. 5/8/20 Denver sends ILB Kiko Alonso to Green Briar for CB Orlando Scandrick, DT Jullian Taylor, and 2020 GB#6.
  63. 5/11/20 Prescott sends RB Spencer Ware to Denver for K Matt Bryant.
  64. 5/11/20 Denver sends WR Justin Watson to Flatbush for RB Jeff Wilson.
  65. 5/14/20 Buffalo Grove sends QB Mason Rudolph to Eugene for 2021 Eug#5.
  66. 5/14/20 Hartford sends QB Kyle Allen and 2020 Har#1 to Keystone State for 2020 Key#1.
  67. 5/15/20 Buffalo Grove sends T Bobby Hart, DL Nathan Shepherd, and ILB Vontaze Burfict to Keystone State for 2021 Key#4.
  68. 5/18/20 Ridgeville sends P Sam Koch to New Castle for 2020 Bro#8.
  69. 7/13/20 Toledo sends WR Demarcus Robinson to Steel City for 2021 Car#4.
  70. 7/16/20 Towson sends 2020 Tow#4 and 2020 Den#4 to New York for 2021 NY#4 and 2021 NY#5.