2010 Transactions

MAFA 2010 Transactions 

  1. 3/8/10 Westchester sends RB Peyton Hillis and QB Jeff Garcia to Original for 2010 Pho#6.
  2. 3/12/10 Bowmanville sends CB Ronde Barber and 2010 Bow#4 to Original for TE Bo Scaife.
  3. 3/15/10 Round Rock sends QB Jason Campbell to Original for 2011 Ori#2 and 2011 Ori#5.
  4. 3/16/10 Original sends QB Kyle Orton, 2010 WG#1, and 2010 Hud#8 to Ridgeville for QB Trent Edwards, G Richie Incognito, 2010 Rid#1, 2010 Rid#2, and 2010 Rid#4.
  5. 3/17/10 Brookeville sends WR Eric Weems to Ridgeville for 2011 Rid#4.
  6. 3/29/10 Original sends RB Marion Barber, WR Antwaan Randle El, G Stephen Neal, and QB Daunte Culpepper to New Castle for 2011 NC#1, 2011 NC#5, and 2010 NC#6.
  7. 4/1/10 Brookeville sends RB Fred Jackson and WR Nate Washington to Phoenix for OLB Aaron Kampman, RB Mewelde Moore, 2011 Pho#1 and 2011 Pho#4.
  8. 4/2/10 Original sends G Kyle Kosier to Philadelphia for S Chris Horton.
  9. 4/2/10 Philadelphia sends CB Shawntae Spencer to Elyria for WR Davone Bess.
  10. 4/5/10 Round Rock sends DL Cory Redding to Original for 2011 Ori#6 and 2011 Ori#8.
  11. 4/5/10 Shawnee sends DT Mike Patterson to Philadelphia for 2010 Phi#1.
  12. 4/5/10 Elyria sends ILB DJ Williams and 2010 Ely#5 to Original for CB Ike Taylor and T Mario Henderson.
  13. 4/5/10 Brookeville sends S Quintin Mikell and S Dominique Barber to Original for DL Cory Redding, DT Jay Alford, ILB Joe Mays, CB Justin Miller, 2011 Ori#3, and 2010 Rid#4.
  14. 4/5/10 Salt Lake sends T Jon Stinchcomb to Eugene for RB Rashard Mendenall.
  15. 4/5/10 Prescott sends WR Patrick Crayton to Original for 2010 Bow#4 and 2010 NC#6.
  16. 4/5/10 Round Rock sends CB Dunta Robinson to Shawnee for 2011 Sha#2.
  17. 4/5/10 Prescott sends S Daniel Manning, G Cooper Carlisle, and DE Marques Douglas to Phoenix for OLB Akeem Jordan, S James Sanders, and 2010 Tol#4.
  18. 4/5/10 Original sends DE Charles Grant, T Orlando Pace, and T Anthony Collins to Carolina for 2011 Car#3.
  19. 4/5/10 Round Rock sends CB Josh Wilson and DE Chris Ellis to Original for K Garrett Hartley and 2011 Car#3.
  20. 4/6/10 Ridgeville sends DT Tank Johnson to Brookeville for 2010 Rid#4.
  21. 4/7/10 Pittsburgh sends C Kyle Cook to Ridgeville for G Chris Chester, QB Kyle Boller, and 2010 Car#5.
  22. 4/8/10 North Wales sends CB Nnamdi Asomugha, 2010 NW#1, and 2010 NW#3 to Original for DL Randy Starks, CB Josh Wilson, 2010 Rid#1, and 2010 Rid#2.
  23. 4/12/10 Bowmanville sends DT Brett Keisel to Original for C Justin Hartwig.
  24. 4/12/10 Eugene sends RB Brandon Jacobs to Prescott for OLB Mike Peterson and 2010 Tol#4.
  25. 4/13/10 Pittsburgh sends C Dan Koppen and 2011 Pit#8 to Original for S Chris Horton, CB Stanford Routt, 2011 Ori#4, and 2011 Ori#7.
  26. 4/14/10 Elyria sends DE Jarvis Green, TE Brandon Manumaleuna, 2010 Ely#1, 2010 Ely#2, and 2011 Ely#6 to Brookeville for WR Joshua Cribbs, 2010 Bro#1, 2010 Sha#4, and 2011 Bro#4.
  27. 4/14/10 Flatbush sends TE Anthony Fasano to Philadelphia for 2010 Phi#4.
  28. 4/15/10 Prescott sends WR Wes Welker to Green Briar for 2010 GB#1.
  29. 4/15/10 Original sends RB Michael Robinson to Ridgeville for 2011 Rid#8.
  30. 4/16/10 Flatbush sends RB Lendale White to Brookeville for DE Phillip Daniels and 2010 Ori#4.
  31. 4/16/10 Original sends WR Braylon Edwards, OLB Stpehen Nicholas, DE Brett Keisel, and DT Ronald Fields to Prescott for DE Shaun Ellis, OLB Keith Bulluck, WR Darius Reynaurd, and 2010 Pre#6.
  32. 4/16/10 Ridgeville sends RB Ricky Williams to Toledo for 2010 GB#2.
  33. 4/19/10 New York sends RB Thomas Jones to Green Briar for 2010 Fla#2 and 2010 GB#7.
  34. 4/19/10 New Castle sends P Mat McBriar to New York for 2010 NY#6.
  35. 4/19/10 Salt Lake City sends G Reggie Wells to Green Briar for 2010 Hun#4.
  36. 4/21/10 Philadelphia sends 2010 Phi#2 to Westchester for 2011 Wes#2.
  37. 4/22/10 Salt Lake City sends OLB Landon Johnson to Brookeville for DT Tim Bulman.
  38. 4/22/10 Original sends OLB Mike Vrabel to Philadelphia for WR Arnaz Battle and 2010 Phi#7.
  39. 4/22/10 Eugene sends C Chris Spencer to Prescott for 2010 Pre#5.
  40. 4/22/10 Round Rock sends DE Tim Crowder to Original for 2011 NC#5.
  41. 4/23/10 Round Rock sends RB Marshawn Lynch, 2010 RR#3, 2010 RR#4, and 2011 RR#3 to Pittsburgh for 2010 Pit#3, 2010 Pit#4, and 2011 Pit#3.
  42. 4/26/10 Green Briar sends RB LaDainian Tomlinson to Montcalm for 2011 Mon#2.
  43. 4/26/10 Elyria sends WR Mike Sims-Walker to Original for 2011 Ori#1.
  44. 4/26/10 Original sends 2010 NW#1 to North Wales for 2011 NW#1.
  45. 4/29/10 Towson sends WR Laveranues Coles to Carolina for 2011 Car#6.
  46. 4/29/10 New York sends TE Tony Gonzalez to Ridgeville for 2011 Rid#1.
  47. 4/30/10 Original sends S Bob Sanders, S Jarrad Page, and 2010 Phi#7 to Flatbush for DL Justin Bannan, S Craig Steltz, and 2010 Ori#4.
  48. 4/30/10 Towson sends QB Jake Delhomme to Carolina for 2010 Car#8.
  49. 5/3/10 Pittsburgh sends DE Gaines Adams to Carolina for DT Bryan Robinson.
  50. 5/3/10 Brookeville sends CB Brandon McDonald and RB Mewelde Moore to Original for QB Byron Leftwich, 2010 Pre#6, and 2011 Rid#8.
  51. 5/4/10 Toledo sends ILB AJ Hawk to Original for ILB Bart Scott.
  52. 5/6/10 Salt Lake City sends G Jake Scott to Toledo for QB Tavaris Jackson.
  53. 5/11/10 Salt Lake City sends S Antrel Rolle, 2010 SLC#1 and 2010 SLC#5 to Brookeville for S Jim Leonhard, 2010 Ely#1, 2010 Ely#2, and 2011 Pho#1.
  54. 5/12/10 Towson sends T Jared Gaither, WR Malcolm Floyd, CB Eric Wright and 2010 Car#8 to Brookeville for T Jason Peters and 2010 Phi#3.
  55. 5/12/10 Original sends CB Ronde Barber, G Donald Thomas, 2010 NW#3, and 2011 NC#1 to Towson for CB Quentin Jammer, WR Pierre Garcon, 2010 Tow#4, 2010 Tow#8, and 2011 Tow#1.
  56. 5/13/10 Hudson Valley sends G Roberto Garza and 2010 Hud#5 to Original for G Richie Incognito and 2010 Tow#4.
  57. 5/14/10 Round Rock sends WR Andre Caldwell and 2010 RR#5 to Towson for DT Jason Jones, DT Tank Tyler, and 2010 Tow#7.
  58. 5/17/10 Eugene sends T Jeremy Trueblood to Original for CB Rashean Mathis.
  59. 5/18/10 Original sends QB Trent Edwards to Salt Lake City for 2010 Hun#4, 2011 SLC#4, and QB Luke McCown.
  60. 5/19/10 New Castle sends DE Adewale Ogunleye and 2010 Car#6 to Original for DE Shaun Ellis.
  61. 5/24/10 Towson sends G Mike Goff to North Wales for 2010 NW#7.
  62. 5/24/10 Towson sends TE Ben Watson and CB Ronde Barber to Phoenix for 2011 Pho#3.
  63. 5/24/10 Towson sends T Demetrius Bell and 2010 Phi#3 to Original for T Ryan Diem and 2010 Hud#5.
  64. 5/25/10 Towson sends RB Kevin Smith to Hudson Valley for 2010 Hud#3.
  65. 5/28/10 Brookeville sends ILB Tavares Gooden to Huntingdon Valley for QB Marc Bulger.
  66. 6/1/10 Bushveldt sends CB Dominique Foxworth to New York for 2011 NY#2.
  67. 6/8/10 Ridgeville sends G Keydrick Vincent, DT Chris Canty, and 2010 Bow#6 to Brookeville for 2010 Pho#3.
  68. 6/17/10 Brookeville sends DE Greg Ellis, CB Elbert Mack, and 2010 Bro#3 to Flatbush for S Bob Sanders and 2010 Fla#5.
  69. 7/22/10 Prescott sends DT Ahtyba Rubin to Bushveldt for WR Malcolm Kelly.
  70. 7/27/10 Bushveldt sends WR Bryant Johnson and T Alex Barron to Flatbush for WR Harry Douglas, 2010 Phi#4, and 2011 Fla#3.
  71. 8/4/10 Towson sends 2010 RR#5, 2010 SLC#6, 2010 Tow#6, and 2010 Wes#7 to Montcalm for 2011 Mon#4 and 2011 Mon#6.
  72. 8/6/10 New Castle sends DE Robaire Smith to Flatbush for OLB Ben Leber.
  73. 8/7/10 New Castle sends RB Rock Cartwright, 2011 NC#2, and 2011 NC#4 to Flatbush for QB Alex Smith, CB Dwight Lowery, and 2011 Fla#6.
  74. 8/7/10 Round Rock sends 2010 RR#1 and 2011 RR#1 to North Wales for 2010 NW#1.
  75. 8/7/10 Toledo sends 2010 Car#1 to Huntingdon Valley for 2011 Hun#1.
  76. 8/7/10 Original sends RB Mewelde Moore, CB Corey Graham, 2010 Hun#4, and 2011 Pit#8 to New Castle for RB Ronnie Brown.
  77. 8/7/10 Original sends 2010 Ely#5 and OLB Moise Fokou to Philadelphia for 2010 Phi#6 and 2011 Phi#5.
  78. 8/7/10 Original sends 2010 Phi#6 and 2011 Phi#5 to Prescott for WR Courtney Roby.
  79. 8/7/10 New York sends 2011 NY#7 to North Wales for 2010 NW#8.
  80. 8/7/10 Brookeville sends 2010 Car#8 to Original for WR Darrius Reynaurd.
  81. 8/7/10 Flatbush sends 2010 Rid#8 to Original for LB Omar Gaither.
  82. 8/7/10 Carolina sends RB Lamont Jordan to Philadelphia for 2011 Phi#7.
  83. 8/7/10 Round Rock sends TE Greg Olsen, 2011 RR#2, and WR Brian Robiskie to Westchester for 2011 Wes#1.
  84. 8/9/10 New York sends DE Stephen Bowen to Ridgeville for TE Spencer Havner.
  85. 8/9/10 Eugene sends TE Martellus Bennett to Phoenix for 2011 Pho#5.
  86. 8/9/10 Brookeville sends ILB Keyaron Fox to Flatbush for DT Lorenzo Alexander.
  87. 8/9/10 New York sends TE Clark Harris to Montcalm for TE Zach Potter.
  88. 8/10/10 Shawnee sends TE Kellen Davis, S Michael Hamlin, and T Tony Hills to Original for C-G Joe Berger and OLB Russell Allen.
  89. 8/10/10 Towson sends ILB Bradie James and WR Bernard Berrian to Huntingdon Valley for CB Joe Burnett, 2011 Hun#2, and 2011 Hun#4.
  90. 8/10/10 Ridgeville sends QB Kerry Collins to Pittsburgh for QB Hunter Caldwell and WR Chris Henry.
  91. 8/10/10 New Castle sends K Connor Barth to Green Briar for 2011 GB#6.
  92. 8/10/10 Eugene sends OLB Leroy Hill to Prescott for 2011 Pre#5.
  93. 8/11/10 Pittsburgh sends DT Ogemdi Nwagbuo and S David Bruton to Original for WR Marko Mitchell.
  94. 8/13/10 Brookeville sends K Shayne Graham and DL Alex Magee to Carolina for CB Nathan Vasher.
  95. 8/13/10 Toledo sends RB Mike Bell to New York for 2011 NY#5.
  96. 8/13/10 New York sends CB Cedric Griffin and WR Justin Gage to Phoenix for 2011 Pho#2.
  97. 8/13/10 Original sends RB Jalen Parmele to Ridgeville for RB Jeremy Cain.
  98. 8/16/10 Phoenix sends S Rashad Johnson, 2011 Pho#6, and 2011 Pho#8 to Original for DL Justin Bannan, S Dominique Barber, and WR Arnez Battle.
  99. 8/16/10 Toledo sends QB Mark Sanchez to Huntingdon Valley for QB Josh Freeman and 2011 Hun#3.
  100. 8/16/10 Toledo sends QB Josh Freeman to Salt Lake City for DE Ray Edwards and 2011 SLC#3.
  101. 8/16/10 Eugene sends S C.C. Brown to Green Briar for 2011 GB#8.
  102. 8/16/10 Brookeville sends OLB Ricky Brown to Flatbush for DE Quentin Groves.
  103. 8/16/10 Original sends DE Adewale Ogunleye and ILB A.J. Hawk to Green Briar for 2011 Mon#2 and 2011 GB#5.
  104. 8/16/10 Flatbush sends DE Greg Ellis and ILB Reggie Torbor to Original for 2011 Pho#6.
  105. 8/16/10 Round Rock sends RB Mike Goodson, ILB Bobby Carpenter, and S Kevin Payne to Original for QB Brodie Croyle.
  106. 8/17/10 Salt Lake City sends QB Tavaris Jackson to Original for 2011 SLC#4.
  107. 8/18/10 Green Briar sends CB Randall Gay to Towson for 2011 Tow#7 and 2011 Tow#8.
  108. 8/19/10 Green Briar sends OLB Jason Taylor and 2011 GB#7 to Toledo for 2011 Tol#3.
  109. 8/20/10 Shawnee sends CB Brian Witherspoon and 2011 Sha#8 to Toledo for 2011 Tol#7.
  110. 8/22/10 Prescott sends G-T Ramon Foster and S James Sanders to Steel City for S Kevin Payne and ILB Bobby Carpenter.
  111. 8/25/10 Green Briar sends 2011 Tow#7 and 2011 Tow#8 to Steel City for QB Luke McCown.
  112. 8/30/10 Shawnee sends QB Chris Redman to Flatbush for QB Shaun Hill.