2011 Transactions

MAFA 2011 Transactions 

  1. 2/28/11 Steel City sends RB Ronnie Brown to Carolina for 2011 Car#4 and 2012 Car#5.
  2. 3/1/11  Hudson Valley sends QB Tom Brady, RB Benjarvis Green-Ellis, DT Fred Robbins, and ILB Keith Brooking to Steel City for 2011 NW#1, 2011 Car#4, 2012 Ste#7, DT Vince Wilfork, RB Peyton Hillis, and QB Jason Campbell.
  3. 3/10/11 Steel City sends OLB Larry English and 2012 Ste#3 to Hudson Valley for WR Danny Amendola and 2011 Hud#6.
  4. 3/10/11 Steel City sends RB Mike Goodson, 2011 Tow#1, and 2012 Ste#2 to Towson for CB Mike Jenkins, T Chad Clifton, and 2011 Tow#2.
  5. 3/28/11 Towson sends ILB Karlos Dansby, C Andre Gurode, 2011 Tow#5, 2011 Tow#6, and 2011 Mon#6 to Brookeville for OLB Geno Hayes, S Chris Clemons, and 2011 Bro#2.
  6. 3/28/11 Brookeville sends CB Eric Wright, 2011 Ste#3, 2011 Rid#8, and 2012 Bro#8 to Steel City for DT Antonio Garay, 2011 Hud#6, and 2012 Ste#4.
  7. 3/29/11 Towson sends RB Heath Evans to New York for WR Buster Davis.
  8. 3/29/11 Salt Lake City sends RB Michael Turner to Pittsburgh for 2011 RR#3.
  9. 3/29/11 Salt Lake City sends C Nick Hardwick and 2011 SLC#5 to Green Briar for 2011 GB#3.
  10. 3/29/11 Towson sends DT Terrance Knighton to Round Rock for T Jason Smith.
  11. 3/29/11 Steel City sends G Leroy Harris to Carolina for 2012 Car#4.
  12. 3/30/11 Towson sends DT Brodrick Bunkley and 2011 Hun#2 to Steel City for CB Eric Wright, WR Mike Sims-Walker, 2011 Tow#7, and 2012 Ste#6.
  13. 3/30/11 Salt Lake City sends S Jim Leonhard to Towson for 2011 Pho#3 and 2011 Hun#4.
  14. 3/30/11 Ridgeville sends RB Eldra Buckley to Steel City for WR James Hardy.
  15. 3/30/11 Brookeville sends OLB Lorenzo Alexander, DE Jason Hatcher, and 2012 Bro#3 to Towson for DE Will Smith and 2012 Tow#5.
  16. 3/30/11 Hudson Valley sends RB Kevin Smith and 2012 Hud#6 to Steel City for 2011 GB#5 and 2011 Tow#8.
  17. 3/30/11 Brookeville sends G Matt Slauson, CB Leodis McKelvin, 2011 Tow#5, and 2011 Ely#6 to Hudson Valley for G Rich Seubert, DT Pat Williams, and 2011 Hud#8.
  18. 3/31/11 Towson sends QB Troy Smith to Phoenix for 2012 Pho#4 and 2012 Pho#7.
  19. 4/1/11 Hudson Valley sends HB Jacob Tamme and ILB Takeo Spikes to Towson for 2011 Bro#2 and DT Sammie Hill.
  20. 4/1/11 New York sends ILB Kevin Burnett to Eugene for S Bernard Pollard.
  21. 4/4/11 Philadelphia sends ILB James Farrior, T Bryant McKinnie, and CB Sheldon Brown to Elyria for 2011 Ely#3, 2011 Ely#7, and 2012 Ely#2.
  22. 4/5/11 Brookeville sends C Olin Kreutz and DL Marcus Stroud to Towson for 2011 Tow#4 and 2011 Mon#4.
  23. 4/5/11 Philadelphia sends DE Juqua Parker to Towson for 2012 Tow#6 and 2012 Tow#8.
  24. 4/5/11 Toledo sends G Eric Wood and 2011 Tol#2 to Hudson Valley for RB Peyton Hillis and C Jonathan Goodwin.
  25. 4/6/11 Brookeville sends OLB Aaron Maybin, 2011 Bro#5, and 2011 Bro#7 to Hudson Valley for T Langston Walker, 2011 Ely#6, and 2011 Hud#7.
  26. 4/8/11 Steel City sends G/T Chris Williams, G/C Kraig Urbik, DE Tim Crowder and OLB Reggie Torbor to Hudson Valley for OLB EJ Henderson and ILB Larry Foote.
  27. 4/11/11 Steel City sends G Ramon Foster and 2012 Ste#8 to New Castle for 2012 NC#5.
  28. 4/12/11 Steel City sends DE Matt Shaughnessy and 2011 Pho#8 to Hudson Valley for 2011 Tol#2 and 2011 GB#5.
  29. 4/12/11 Towson sends DE Trent Cole and 2011 Tow#7 to Steel City for DE Remi Ayodele, 2011 Tow#2, and 2011 Tol#2.
  30. 4/12/11 Steel City sends WR Courtney Roby to Round Rock for 2011 RR#8.
  31. 4/12/11 Shawnee sends DE Lawrence Jackson and 2011 Sha#6 to Hudson Valley for OLB Tyjuan Hagler and 2011 Tow#5.
  32. 4/13/11 Elyria sends T Willie Colon to Steel City for DT Broderick Bunkley and 2011 Tow#7.
  33. 4/14/11 Phoenix sends CB Alphonso Smith, WR Mark Clayton, and 2012 Pho#6 to Steel City for QB Tarvaris Jackson, OLB Keith Bulluck, T Jeremy Trueblood, and S Rashad Johnson.
  34. 4/14/11 Round Rock sends K Garrett Hartley to Philadelphia for 2012 Phi#5.
  35. 4/15/11 Brookeville sends WR Steve Smith, DE Alex Brown, and DT Pat Williams to Green Briar for WR Julian Edelman, OL Reggie Wells, DL Spencer Johnson, and 2012 GB#4.
  36. 4/18/11 Flatbush sends DL Sione Pouha and 2011 Fla#7 to Steel City for DT Fred Robbins.
  37. 4/18/11 Shawnee sends RB Beanie Wells, 2011 Sha#1, and 2012 Sha#2 to Steel City for RB BenJarvis Green-Ellis, WR Pierre Garcon and 2011 Mon#2.
  38. 4/20/11 Towson sends RB Frank Gore, K Jason Hanson, 2011 Car#6, and 2012 Ste#6 to Eugene for RB Jerome Harrison, DE Luis Castillo, and 2011 Eug#3.
  39. 4/21/11 Prescott sends DE Brett Keisel to Towson for 2011 Tol#2.
  40. 4/21/11 New York sends DE Calais Campbell to Towson for 2012 Ste#2.
  41. 4/25/11 Philadelphia sends OLB Mike Vrabel to Steel City for ILB Keith Brooking.
  42. 4/25/11 Prescott sends RB Brandon Jacobs to Brookeville for RB Reggie Bush, 2011 Pho#4, and 2012 Bro#2.
  43. 4/25/11 Brookeville sends HB Jim Kleinsasser to New Castle for 2011 NC#7.
  44. 4/25/11 Prescott sends C/G Jamey Richard and 2011 Pre#1 to Steel City for RB Beanie Wells and 2011 Sha#1.
  45. 4/26/11 Steel City sends 2011 GB#5 to Brookeville for 2011 Mon#6 and 2011 Hud#8.
  46. 4/27/11 Ridgeville sends 2011 Rid#5 and 2011 Rid#6 to Brookeville for 2011 Tow#6, 2011 Hud#7, and 2011 Bro#8.
  47. 4/28/11 Steel City sends CB Quentin Jammer, 2011 Ste#3, and 2012 Sha#2 to Towson for 2011 Tow#1.
  48. 4/29/11 Elyria sends G Ryan Lilja to Green Briar for WR Donald Driver.
  49. 5/2/11 Hudson Valley sends 2011 Hud#3 and RB Michael Bush to Steel City for 2011 Hun#2 and 2012 Car#5.
  50. 5/2/11 New York sends RB Felix Jones, RB Mike Bell, RB Madison Hedgecock, HB Matt Spaeth, and OLB Will Davis to Green Briar for 2011 GB#2 and QB David Carr.
  51. 5/2/11 Towson sends T Ryan Diem and WR Johnnie Lee Higgins to Green Briar for 2011 GB#4.
  52. 5/2/11 Brookeville sends ILB Stephen Cooper and 2011 GB#5 to Flatbush for OLB Mario Haggan and 2011 Fla#4.
  53. 5/3/11 Towson sends T Jason Peters and 2011 GB#4 to Steel City for T Demetrius Bell, 2011 Hud#3, 2012 Ste#1, and 2012 Car#4.
  54. 5/3/11 Round Rock sends T Joe Staley to Green Briar for 2011 Tol#3 and 2011 SLC#5.
  55. 5/3/11 Hudson Valley sends WR Lance Moore and 2011 Car#4 to Ridgeville for 2011 Rid#3 and 2012 Rid#3.
  56. 5/3/11 Towson sends RB Tony Richardson to Steel City for 2011 Rid#8 and 2012 Bro#8.
  57. 5/4/11 Hudson Valley sends WR James Jones, 2011 Hud#2, 2011 Hud#4, and 2011 Pho#8 to Steel City for OLB Jo-Lunn Dunbar and 2011 Tow#1.
  58. 5/5/11 Toledo sends OLB Jason Taylor to Ridgeville for 2011 Car#4.
  59. 5/5/11 Yoknapatawpha sends CB Antoine Winfield and 2011 Yok#8 to Brookeville for DT Peria Jerry and 2011 Bro#3.
  60. 5/5/11 New Castle sends DE Shaun Ellis to Eugene for S Thomas DeCoud and QB Kellen Clemens.
  61. 5/6/11 Phoenix sends G Cooper Carlisle to Steel City for G Roberto Garza.
  62. 5/6/11 Towson sends WR Randy Moss and 2011 Tow#2 to Brookeville for CB Sean Smith and 2011 Rid#4.
  63. 5/6/11 Hudson Valley sends DE Vonnie Holliday to Steel City for RB Kevin Smith and TE Kellen Davis.
  64. 5/9/11 Brookeville sends WR Darius Reynaud to Green Briar for 2012 GB#8.
  65. 5/9/11 Eugene sends S Donte Whitner, DT Colin Cole, 2011 Eug#4 and 2011 Eug#6 to New Castle for S Ed Reed.
  66. 5/9/11 Towson sends CB Jonathan Joseph, 2011 NC#1, 2011 Tow#3, 2011 Eug#3, and 2011 Rid#4 to Steel City for C Dan Koppen, CB Alphonso Smith, WR Mark Clayton, 2011 Pre#1, and 2011 Hud#2.
  67. 5/12/11 Philadelphia sends G Max Jean-Gilles to Montcalm for 2012 Mon#5.
  68. 5/16/11 Johnstown sends T Kareem McKenzie and 2012 Joh#4 to Towson for 2011 Hud#3, 2012 Bro#3, and 2012 Tow#4.
  69. 5/18/11 Towson sends T Kareem McKenzie and S Sabby Piscitelli to Steel City for T Chad Clifton and 2012 Ste#5.
  70. 5/18/11 Johnstown sends RB Justin Forsett, 2011 Joh#5, and 2011 Joh#7 to Steel City for RB Michael Bush, 2011 GB#4, and 2011 Mon#6.
  71. 5/18/11 Round Rock sends LB Brian Cushing, C Lyle Sendlein, S Dawan Landry, 2011 Joh#1, and 2011 Tol#3 to Steel City for OLB Mike Vrabel, S Quintin Mikell, 2011 NC#1, 2011 Eug#3, and 2011 Hud#4.
  72. 5/19/11 Johnstown sends WR Kenny Britt, HB Jared Cook, and G Eric Steinbach to Salt Lake City for WR Mohamed Massaquoi, QB Rex Grossman, and 2011 Pho#1.
  73. 5/26/11 Towson sends DE Jason Hatcher, CB Donald Strickland, ILB Nic Harris, and 2011 Rid#8 to Steel City for C-G Jamey Richard and 2011 Hud#8.
  74. 6/1/11 Flatbush sends OLB Bryan Kehl to Steel City for 2011 Pho#8.
  75. 6/1/11 Steel City sends DE Vonnie Holliday and 2011 Rid#8 to Phoenix for DL Justin Bannan.
  76. 6/1/11 Ridgeville sends DE Stephen Bowen and 2011 Tow#6 to Steel City for DL Sione Pouha and 2011 RR#8.
  77. 6/2/11 Brookeville sends DE Aaron Kampman, DE Cory Redding, DT Tank Johnson, 2011 Tow#2, 2011 Bro#6, 2012 Bro#4, and 2012 Bro#5 to Belfast for DL Justin Smith, WR Donte’ Stallworth, 2012 Bel#4 and 2012 Bel#5.
  78. 6/2/11 Ridgeville sends DE Jared Allen to Steel City for DE Julius Peppers.
  79. 6/3/11 Steel City sends 2011 Joh#1, 2011 Rid#4, 2011 Joh#5, and 2012 NC#5 to Ridgeville for 2011 Rid#2, 2012 Rid#1, 2012 Rid#2, and T Frank Omiyale.
  80. 6/6/11 Brookeville sends DT Chris Canty and 2011 Yok#8 to Elyria for DT Broderick Bunkley and 2011 Tow#7.
  81. 6/6/11 Brookeville sends TE Chris Cooley and CB Greg Toler to Flatbush for TE Dustin Keller and CB Glover Quin.
  82. 6/9/11 Hudson Valley sends C-G Rudy Niswanger, QB Tyler Thigpen, 2011 Rid#3, and 2011 Sha#6 to Steel City for 2011 Tow#3 and 2011 Tow#6.
  83. 6/27/11 Pittsburgh sends DT Bryan Robinson to New York for 2011 NY#6.
  84. 7/26/11 Towson sends C Olin Kreutz, S Chris Clemons, 2011 Ste#3, 2012 Car#4, 2012 Tow#7, and 2012 Bro#8 to Steel City for C Lyle Sendlein, S Dawan Landry, 2011 Tol#3, and 2012 Hud#6.
  85. 8/1/11 Round Rock sends G Steve Hutchinson and 2011 SLC#5 to Salt Lake City for G Vince Manuwai.
  86. 8/1/11 New Castle sends P Brett Kern to Brookeville for 2011 NC#7.
  87. 8/2/11 Pittsburgh sends DT Anthony Adams to New Castle for 2012 NC#6.
  88. 8/3/11 Ridgeville sends P Sav Rocca to North Wales for 2011 NW#8.
  89. 8/3/11 Hudson Valley sends 2011 Tow#3, 2011 Bro#5, 2011 Bro#7, and 2011 Tow#8 to Brookeville for 2011 Tow#4, 2011 Mon#4, 2011 Rid#5, 2011 Ely#6, and 2011 Tow#7.
  90. 8/4/11 Hudson Valley sends QB Jason Campbell, 2011 Rid#5, and 2011 Tow#6 to Green Briar for 2012 GB#2 and 2012 GB#5.
  91. 8/4/11 Hudson Valley sends TE Kellen Davis, 2011 Ely#6, 2011 Tow#7, and 2012 Hud#8 to Steel City for HB Delanie Walker, 2012 Pho#6, and 2012 Tow#7.
  92. 8/4/11 Eugene sends RB Darren Sproles to Toledo for 2011 Hun#3 and 2011 Tol#6.
  93. 8/4/11 Eugene sends C-G Jeremey Zuttah to Prescott for 2011 Pre#6.
  94. 8/4/11 Round Rock sends QB Brian Brohm to Hudson Valley for 2012 Hud#7.
  95. 8/4/11 Eugene sends 2011 Pre#5 and 2011 Eug#5 to Hudson Valley for 2011 Mon#4.
  96. 8/5/11 Shawnee sends ILB Stephen Tulloch to Belfast for OLB Chad Greenway.
  97. 8/5/11 Montcalm sends 2012 Mon#4 to Salt Lake City for 2011 SLC#6, 2011 SLC#7, and 2011 SLC#8.
  98. 8/5/11 Green Briar sends 2011 Tow#6 to Steel City for S James Sanders.
  99. 8/6/11 Steel City sends 2012 Rid#2 and 2012 Car#4 to Philadelphia for 2011 Phi#2.
  100. 8/6/11 Round Rock sends OLB Justin Durant to Green Briar for 2011 Rid#5.
  101. 8/6/11 Hudson Valley sends 2011 Hun#2 and 2011 Eug#5 to Steel City for 2011 Phi#2 and 2011 Ste#3.
  102. 8/6/11 Pittsburgh sends CB Richard Marshall to Elyria for 2011 Ely#2.
  103. 8/6/11 Round Rock sends QB Chad Henne and 2011 Ste#2 to Shawnee for QB Matt Cassel.
  104. 8/6/11 Elyria sends 2011 Bro#4 to New York for T Matt Light.
  105. 8/6/11 Flatbush sends 2012 Fla#2 and 2012 Fla#4 to Johnstown for 2011 Hud#3.
  106. 8/6/11 Towson sends 2011 Tol#3 and 2011 Hud#8 to Pittsburgh for CB Stanford Routt.
  107. 8/6/11 Philadelphia sends 2011 Phi#8 to New York for 2012 NY#8.
  108. 8/6/11 Eugene sends TE Mercedes Lewis to Green Briar for 2012 GB#1.
  109. 8/6/11 Philadelphia sends CB Syd’Quan Thompson to New York for WR Tiquan Underwood.
  110. 8/8/11 Eugene sends QB Charlie Batch to Ridgeville for C-G Edwin Williams.
  111. 8/8/11 Prescott sends S Larry Asante and 2012 Pre#8 to New York for T Wayne Hunter and G Billy Yates.
  112. 8/8/11 Salt Lake City sends QB Derek Anderson to New Castle for WR Antwan Randle El.
  113. 8/8/11 Round Rock sends 2012 RR#8 to North Wales for DT Ty Warren.
  114. 8/8/11 Prescott sends P Britton Colquitt to Steel City for G Mitch Petrus.
  115. 8/9/11 Ridgeville sends RB Michael Robinson and 2012 Rid#7 to Pittsburgh for RB Marcel Reece and 2012 Pit#8.
  116. 8/9/11 Brookeville sends WR Randy Moss to Johnstown for 2012 Joh#8.
  117. 8/9/11 Hudson Valley sends 2012 Pho#6 to Towson for RB Mike Hart and 2012 Pho#7.
  118. 8/9/11 Ridgeville sends ILB Josh Mauga to Salt Lake City for S Jordan Pugh.
  119. 8/9/11 Salt Lake City sends CB Aaron Berry to Brookeville for G Rich Ohrnberger.
  120. 8/10/11 Towson sends RB Ryan Mathews and WR Andre Caldwell to Steel City for WR James Jones, RB Justin Forsett, WR Patrick Crayton, and RB Tony Richardson.
  121. 8/10/11 Towson sends RB Jerome Harrison, WR Devery Henderson, 2012 Pho#4, and 2012 Pho#6 to Phoenix for 2012 Pho#3.
  122. 8/10/11 Carolina sends LB Travis Goethel to Ridgeville for G-T Lydon Murtha.
  123. 8/10/11 Brookeville sends ILB Karlos Dansby to Green Briar for 2012 GB#3 and 2012 GB#6.
  124. 8/10/11 Ridgeville sends RB Keith Toston to New York for DL Marcus Dixon.
  125. 8/11/11 New York sends OLB Jamal Westerman to New Castle for CB Robert McClain.
  126. 8/11/11 Brookeville sends WR Legedu Naanee and S Bob Sanders to Flatbush for DT Antonio Johnson and WR Dezmon Briscoe.
  127. 8/11/11 Hudson Valley sends OLB Reggie Torbor to Green Briar for 2012 GB#7.
  128. 8/11/11 Steel City sends DT Corvey Irvin to Carolina for RB Jackie Battle.
  129. 8/12/11 Steel City sends TE Visanthe Shiancoe, ILB EJ Henderson, TE Kellen Davis, T King Dunlap, DE Jason Hatcher, and 2012 Bro#8 to Phoenix for DL Raheem Brock, TE Martellus Bennett, and OLB Scott Shanle.
  130. 8/12/11 Ridgeville sends OLB Clark Haggans, CB Jonathan Wade, T Troy Kropog, and 2012 Rid#8 to Phoenix for CB Phillip Buchanon.
  131. 8/12/11 Carolina sends 2012 Car#2 and 2012 Car#7 to Johnstown for TE Greg Olsen and 2012 Joh#5.
  132. 8/12/11 Johnstown sends CB Dante Wesley to Steel City for RB Jackie Battle.
  133. 8/15/11 Brookeville sends CB Antwaun Molden and CB Coye Francies to Phoenix for QB Richard Bartel.
  134. 8/15/11 Flatbush sends C-G Kory Lichtensteiger to Steel City for G Leonard Davis.
  135. 8/15/11 Prescott sends S Sean Jones to Green Briar for ILB Rocky McIntosh and TE Matt Spaeth.
  136. 8/15/11 Steel City sends CB Donald Strickland to New Castle for CB Corey Graham.
  137. 8/15/11 Round Rock sends QB Brodie Croyle, WR Jericho Cotchery, and RB Tashard Choice to Flatbush for RB Fred Taylor, RB Rock Cartwright, and 2012 Fla#5.
  138. 8/15/11 Round Rock sends QB Charlie Whitehurst to Steel City for QB Joe Webb and 2012 Hud#8.
  139. 8/15/11 Ridgeville sends DT Kelly Gregg to Steel City for QB Tyler Thipgen, DL Justin Bannan, and CB Joshua Moore.
  140. 8/15/11 Round Rock sends WR Chad Ochocinco, QB Tim Tebow, WR Courtney Roby, DE Derrick Harvey, DL Marcus Thomas, OLB Mike Vrabel, and OLB Jason Williams to New Castle for WR Steve Johnson and OLB David Bowens.
  141. 8/15/11 New Castle sends QB Kellen Clemens to Hudson Valley for 2012 Ste#7.
  142. 8/15/11 Brookeville sends LB Mario Haggan to New Castle for OLB Jamaal Westerman and DE George Selvie.
  143. 8/16/11 Brookeville sends DE Mathias Kiwanuka, DE Will Smith, HB Dustin Keller, DT Brodrick Bunkley, ILB Perry Riley, 2012 Ste#4, and 2012 GB#8 to Phoenix for TE Ben Watson, DL Darnell Dockett, 2012 Pho#2, and 2012 Pho#6.
  144. 8/16/11 Hudson Valley sends DT Vince Wolfork and 2012 Tow#7 to Toledo for RB Jahvid Best and WR Laurent Robinson.
  145. 8/17/11 Hudson Valley sends DT Sammie Hill and 2012 Pho#7 to Steel City for ILB Larry Foote and DT Tommie Harris.
  146. 8/18/11 Carolina sends G-T Khalif Barnes to Steel City for G-T Kevin Boothe.
  147. 8/18/11 Steel City sends T Frank Omiyale to Flatbush for CB Joselio Hanson.
  148. 8/18/11 Steel City sends CB Keenan Lewis and DT Ogemdi Nwagbuo to Hudson Valley for DT Vance Walker.
  149. 8/19/11 Toledo sends DL Kedric Golston to Phoenix for 2012 Bro#8.
  150. 8/19/11 Toledo sends G-T Shawn Andrews to Elyria for 2012 Ely#8.
  151. 8/19/11 New York sends WR Jacoby Jones and ILB Wesley Woodyard to Phoenix for 2012 Pho#1.
  152. 8/19/11 Shawnee sends DB Sergio Brown to Brookeville for S Curtis Taylor.
  153. 8/19/11 Brookeville sends S Reshad Jones and G Lance Louis to Phoenix for 2012 Pho#5.
  154. 8/19/11 Toledo sends DL Tony McDaniel to Flatbush for RB Quinn Johnson.
  155. 8/22/11 Towson sends DE Vernon Gholston and 2012 Hud#6 to Steel City for P Brian Moorman and 2012 Pho#7.
  156. 8/27/11 Hudson Valley sends T Dennis Roland to Belfast for 2012 Bel#8.
  157. 9/19/11 Round Rock sends DE Larry Hart and 2012 RR#5 to Green Briar for QB Luke McCown.