2014 Transactions

  1. 2/13/14 Toledo sends WR Stephen Hill to Maryland for WR Kris Durham, G-T Don Barclay, and DL Ian Williams.
  2. 2/13/14 Arizona sends WR Dez Bryant to Pittsburgh for ILB Navorro Bowman.
  3. 2/18/14 Maryland sends WR Jerrico Cotchery to Denver for 2014 Key#5.
  4. 2/18/14 Maryland sends RB Maurice Jones-Drew and WR Rishard Matthews to Steel City for 2015 Ste#2.
  5. 2/18/14 Brookeville sends T King Dunlap and 2014 Fla#8 to Steel City for 2015 Ste#4, 2015 Ste#7, and 2014 Den#8.
  6. 2/18/14 Brookeville sends OLB Brian Orakpo, TE Tony Gonzalez, 2014 NY#5, and 2014 Eug#8 to Denver for HB Rob Housler, DE Da’Quan Bowers, 2014 NC#1, 2014 Mar#5, and 2014 Pre#8.
  7. 2/18/14 Keystone State sends RB Bernard Pierce, 2014 Ste#6, and 2014 Key#7 to Brookeville for WR Keshawn Martin, 2014 Phi#4, and 2014 Den#8.
  8. 2/20/14 Brookeville sends RB Rashad Jennings, RB Bilal Powell, and S Brandian Ross to Ridgeville for 2014 Rid#2 and 2015 Rid#7.
  9. 2/21/14 Denver sends T Joe Barksdale, 2014 Den#1, and 2014 Den#3 to Flatbush for 2014 Fla#1 and 2014 Fla#3.
  10. 2/21/14 Denver sends DE Derek Wolfe, 2014 Fla#1, and 2014 Fla#3 to Steel City for 2014 Ste#1 and 2014 Bel#2.
  11. 2/21/14 Steel City sends WR Jacoby Ford, 2014 Fla#3, 2015 Ste#5, and 2015 Ste#8 to Keystone State for G Kraig Urbik and 2014 Ste#5.
  12. 2/21/14 Brookeville sends DE Cameron Wake and HB Delanie Walker to Steel City for 2015 Ste#1, 2015 Ste#3, and 2014 Ste#5.
  13. 2/24/14 Brookeville sends OLB Clay Matthews to Maryland for RB Mark Ingram, DE Vinny Curry, CB Shareece Wright, 2015 Mar#3, and 2014 GB#5.
  14. 2/24/14 Steel City sends G Amini Silatolu and OLB Nick Perry to Maryland for T Charles Brown, DT Brandon Thompson, OLB Larry English, DE Mike Neal, 2014 Bro#5, and 2014 Key#5.
  15. 2/24/14 Steel City sends QB Ryan Tannehill, OLB Courtney Upshaw, T Jonathan Martin, and 2014 Bul#6 to Maryland for 2014 Mar#1.
  16. 2/25/14 Keystone State sends S Ryan Mundy, C-G Chad Rinehart, DE Jonathan Massaquoi, and 2014 Phi#8 to Steel City for DE Allen Bailey, CB Patrick Robinson, S Darrel Stuckey, and 2015 Ste#6.
  17. 2/26/14 Johnstown sends HB Mike Tolbert to Steel City for 2014 Joh#3.
  18. 2/27/14 Johnstown sends 2014 Bro#1, RB Ben Tate, and T Michael Oher to Steel City for 2014 Fla#1 and OLB Larry English.
  19. 2/28/14 Johnstown sends RB Frank Gore, 2014 NY#2, and 2014 Den#5 to New Castle for DE-LB Aldon Smith.
  20. 3/3/14 Brookeville sends WR Pierre Garcon and 2014 Pre#8 to Maryland for DE Olivier Vernon and DL Damon Harrison.
  21. 3/6/14 Johnstown sends WR Julian Edelman and 2014 Joh#3 to New Castle for RB Shonn Greene and 2015 NC#1.
  22. 3/18/14 Brookeville sends OLB Jerry Hughes to Maryland for ILB Demario Davis, ILB Darryl Sharpton, G Jason Pinkston, DE Shea McClellin, and 2015 Mar#6.
  23. 3/24/14 Maryland sends S Rodney McLeod and 2015 Mar#8 to New Castle for 2015 NC#5.
  24. 3/24/14 Brookeville sends DE Jared Allen and 2014 Key#7 to Steel City for ILB Mason Foster and 2014 Key#5.
  25. 3/24/14 Eugene sends C Brad Meester to Keystone State for 2015 Ste#8.
  26. 3/24/14 Denver sends WR Ryan Broyles and 2015 Den#3 to Keystone State for 2014 Mar#4 and 2014 Pit#6.
  27. 3/24/14 Brookeville sends OLB James Harrison to Steel City for C-G Chad Rinehart.
  28. 3/24/14 Brookeville sends DL Justin Smith to New Castle for 2015 NC#4.
  29. 3/24/14 Steel City  sends G Harvey Dahl and T David Diehl to Elyria for 2014 Ely#8.
  30. 3/24/14 Brookeville sends DT Kevin Williams to Toledo for 2014 Tol#5.
  31. 3/24/14 Eugene sends CB Rashean Mathis and S Ed Reed to Elyria for 2014 Ely#6 and 2015 Ely#8.
  32. 3/24/14 Denver sends OLB Craig Robertson to Steel City for OLB David Hawthorne.
  33. 3/24/14 Keystone State sends DT Ndamukong Suh, CB Mike Jenkins, and 2014 Bro#3 to Prescott for CB Jason McCourty, CB Casey Heyward, 2015 Pre#1, and 2015 Pre#5.
  34. 3/26/14 Towson sends T Lamar Holmes, 2014 Tow#2, and 2014 Tow#5 to Brookeville for C Manny Ramirez, CB Leodis McKelvin, and CB Asante Samuel.
  35. 3/28/14 New Castle sends G John Greco to Pittsburgh for DE Antonio Smith.
  36. 3/31/14 New Castle sends QB Jason Campbell to Philadelphia for WR Andre Caldwell, 2014 Phi#5, and 2015 Phi#8.
  37. 3/31/14 Steel City sends WR Rishard Matthews, S Da’Norris Searcy, RB Jonathan Dwyer, 2014 Bro#1, and 2014 Key#7 to Keystone State for 2014 NY#1.
  38. 3/31/14 Denver sends RB Chris Ivory, 2014 Bel#2, and 2014 Bel#4 to Toledo for 2014 Tol#1, 2014 Tol#3, and 2015 Tol#7.
  39. 4/2/14 Ridgeville sends K Matt Bryant to Steel City for 2014 Fla#8.
  40. 4/3/14 Philadelphia sends OLB Chase Blackburn to Keystone State for 2015 Ste#6.
  41. 4/3/14 Keystone State sends RB LaMichael James and 2015 Key#7 to Eugene for QB Kellen Clemens.
  42. 4/3/14 Toledo sends S Antonio Allen, WR Kris Durham, ILB Kelvin Sheppard, 2014 Tol#2, and 2014 Tol#4 to Flatbush for OLB Robert Mathis.
  43. 4/4/14 Steel City sends DE Willie Young to Bullard for 2014 Bul#4.
  44. 4/7/14 Steel City sends ILB Craig Robertson to Flatbush for 2014 Tol#4.
  45. 4/7/14 Steel City sends DE Red Bryant and DE-LB Mike Neal to Green Briar for 2014 Joh#5 and 2014 Bro#6.
  46. 4/7/14 Brookeville sends G Willie Colon to Steel City for T Michael Oher, G Shelley Smith, and 2014 Bel#8.
  47. 4/7/14 Green Briar sends RB Felix Jones and 2014 Den#4 to Denver for G James Carpenter and 2014 NY#5.
  48. 4/8/14 Johnstown sends QB Chase Daniel and 2015 Joh#8 to Steel City for 2014 Joh#5.
  49. 4/8/14 Steel City sends QB Brandon Weeden to Flatbush for 2014 Fla#7.
  50. 4/9/14 Ridgeville sends QB Matt Hasselbeck to Steel City for T Ryan Harris.
  51. 4/9/14 Montcalm sends T Chris Clark to Steel City for T Charles Brown and 2014 Bul#4.
  52. 4/9/14 Ridgeville sends CB Cortez Allen and 2014 Rid#3 to Flatbush for S Glover Quin.
  53. 4/11/14 Denver sends C Rodney Hudson to Bullard for 2015 Bul#2.
  54. 4/15/14 Ridgeville sends DT Corey Peters and 2015 Rid#6 to Towson for 2015 Tow#3 and 2015 Tow#7.
  55. 4/16/14 Steel City sends DE Derek Wolfe, S Roman Harper, 2014 Ste#2, and 2014 Bel#3 to Flatbush for 2014 Den#1 and 2015 Fla#7.
  56. 4/22/14 Towson sends G James Brown to Arizona for 2014 Ari#7.
  57. 4/22/14 Buffalo Grove sends G-T Andrew Whitworth and 2014 Buf#1 to Steel City for G Willie Colon, 2014 NY#1, and 2014 Tol#4.
  58. 4/22/14 Brookeville sends RB Reggie Bush to Buffalo Grove for DE Ahtyba Rubin, T Marcus Gilbert, and OLB Connor Barwin.
  59. 4/23/14 Keystone State sends DT Pat Sims, 2014 Bro#1, and 2014 Fla#3 to Buffalo Grove for QB Jake Locker, 2014 Buf#2, and 2014 Tow#3.
  60. 4/23/14 Buffalo Grove sends WR Harry Douglas and CB Chris Cook to Green Briar for WR Santana Moss, 2014 GB#2, and 2014 NY#5.
  61. 4/23/14 Carolina sends OLB Manny Lawson to Denver for DT Paul Soliai.
  62. 4/24/14 Ridgeville sends T Austin Howard and 2015 Tow#3 to Pittsburgh for S Troy Polamalu.
  63. 4/29/14 Keystone State sends ILB Brandon Spikes and 2014 Key#7 to Buffalo Grove for DL Ricky Jean-Francois, C-G Joe Hawley, 2015 Buf#1, and 2014 Buf#6.
  64. 4/29/14 Keystone State sends C Eric Wood and 2014 Tow#3 to Brookeville for 2014 Tow#2.
  65. 4/29/14 Arizona sends LB Arthur Moats, LB Nigel Bradham, and 2014 Ari#3 to Steel City for RB Maurice Jones-Drew, CB Drayton Florence, S Taylor Mays, 2014 Bro#6, and 2014 Phi#8.
  66. 4/29/14 Carolina sends OLB Tamba Hali and 2014 Car#5 to Pittsburgh for DE Corey Liuget, 2014 Pit#3, 2014 Pit#5, and 2015 Pit#2.
  67. 4/29/14 Buffalo Grove sends CB Cortland Finnegan to Steel City for 2014 Bro#5.
  68. 4/30/14 Ridgeville sends DT Vance Walker, WR Lance Moore, and 2015 Rid#5 to Brookeville for WR Nate Washington and 2015 Bro#4.
  69. 5/1/14 Denver sends 2014 Tol#1 and 2014 Den#4 to Johnstown for 2014 Bel#1.
  70. 5/6/14 Denver sends OLB Manny Lawson and 2014 Mar#4 to Green Briar for DE-LB Mike Neal and 2014 NC#3.
  71. 5/7/14 Denver sends OLB Matt Shaughnessy to Prescott for 2014 Pre#6 and 2014 Tol#7.
  72. 5/7/14 Johnstown sends DE Kendall Reyes, CB Terrence Newman, S James Ihedigbo, 2014 Eug#1, 2014 Bel#7, 2014 Rid#7, and 2015 Joh#7 to Steel City for RB Michael Bush, LB Nigel Bradham, CB Cortland Finnegan, S Ryan Mundy, 2014 Den#1, and 2014 Ari#3.
  73. 5/7/14 Buffalo Grove sends S Jamarca Sanford to Green Briar for 2014 Eug#6.
  74. 5/12/14 Brookeville sends T Lamar Holmes to Arizona for CB Jeremy Lane.
  75. 5/13/14 Belfast sends ILB Donald Butler, K Garrett Hartley, and WR Jordan Norwood to Arizona for 2014 Phi#2 and RB Rashard Mendenhall.
  76. 5/22/14 Denver sends RB Jed Collins to Flatbush for RB Brian Leonard.
  77. 5/23/14 Bullard sends LB Russell Allen to Steel City for LB Arthur Moats.
  78. 5/28/14 Flatbush sends ILB Curtis Lofton to Steel City for OLB DeAndre Levy.
  79. 5/29/14 Steel City sends DE Jonathan Massaquoi, 2014 Buf#1, 2014 Fla#7, and 2014 Bel#7 to Brookeville for OLB Connor Barwin, 2014 NC#1, and 2014 Bel#8.
  80. 6/9/14 Brookeville sends QB Joe Flacco, TE Rob Housler, 2014 Tow#3, 2014 Tow#5, and 2014 Tol#5 to Flatbush for QB Jay Cutler, S Roman Harper, 2014 Ste#2, 2014 Bro#4, and 2015 Fla#8.
  81. 6/9/14 Green Briar sends S Dwight Lowery to Denver for S Charles Godfrey.
  82. 6/11/14 Johnstown sends CB Captain Munnerlyn to Denver for 2015 Den#2.
  83. 6/11/14 Denver sends CB Jonathan Joseph, RB Jacquizz Rodgers, and CB Robert McClain to Towson for WR Jeremy Ross, 2014 Key#8, and 2015 Tow#2.
  84. 6/12/14 Denver sends G Carl Nicks to Montcalm for RB Mikel Leshoure and 2014 Mon#6.
  85. 7/21/14 Maryland sends OLB Jonathan Casillas and 2015 Mar#7 to Towson for 2014 Tol#6 and 2014 Ari#7.
  86. 7/21/14 Keystone State sends CB Alfonzo Dennard to Maryland for OLB Courtney Upshaw.
  87. 7/21/14 Belfast sends ILB Nick Roach and 2014 Phi#2 to Denver for 2014 NC#3, 2014 Tol#3, and 2015 Den#7.
  88. 7/25/14 Keystone State sends 2014 Tow#2, 2014 Buf#6, and 2014 Den#8 to Elyria for 2014 Ely#3, 2014 Ely#4, and 2014 Ely#5.
  89. 7/28/14 Denver sends LB Akeem Dent, 2014 Phi#2, and 2015 Den#8 to Elyria for WR Sidney Rice, 2014 Tow#2, and 2015 Ely#7.
  90. 7/30/14 Maryland sends S Rashad Johnson and 2014 Ari#7 to Belfast for 2014 NC#6 and 2014 Bro#7.
  91. 8/1/14 Keystone State sends WR Juron Criner and 2014 Den#2 to Brookeville for 2014 Rid#2, 2014 GB#5, and 2014 Ste#6.
  92. 8/2/14 Steel City sends OLB Erik Walden to Belfast for G-T Paul McQuistan.
  93. 8/2/14 Brookeville sends 2014 Buf#1 and 2014 Ste#2 to Steel City for 2014 NC#1, 2014 Eug#1, 2014 Ely#8, and DE Jason Jones.
  94. 8/2/14 Keystone State sends 2014 Pre#2 and 2014 Phi#4 to Flatbush for 2014 Mar#2.
  95. 8/2/14 Denver sends ILB David Hawthorne and 2015 Tol#7 to Prescott for 2014 Pre#5, 2014 Pre#7, and 2015 Pre#6.
  96. 8/2/14 Maryland sends 2015 Ste#2 and 2014 Pre#8 to Toledo for 2014 Bel#2.
  97. 8/2/14 Denver sends 2014 Tow#2 and 2014 Pre#6 to Maryland for RB Christine Michael.
  98. 8/2/14 Belfast sends 2014 Ste#3 to Keystone State for 2014 Ely#3 and 2014 Ely#5.
  99. 8/2/14 Johnstown sends 2015 Joh#6 to North Wales for 2014 NW#7 and 2014 NW#8.
  100. 8/2/14 Carolina sends OLB Terrell Suggs to Prescott for 2014 Bro#3.
  101. 8/2/14 Denver sends 2015 Den#4 to Flatbush for 2014 Fla#5 and 2014 Rid#5.
  102. 8/2/14 Brookeville sends 2015 Ste#4 to North Wales for 2014 NW#5 and 2014 NW#6.
  103. 8/2/14 Brookeville sends 2015 Ste#3 to North Wales for 2014 NW#4.
  104. 8/2/14 Philadelphia sends 2014 Phi#6 to Toledo for OLB Ashlee Palmer.
  105. 8/2/14 Ridgeville sends 2014 Tow#4 and 2015 Rid#4 to Pittsburgh for 2014 Pit#4.
  106. 8/2/14 Brookeville sends 2014 Bro#4 to Maryland for 2015 Mar#4.
  107. 8/2/14 Denver sends 2014 Pre#5 and 2014 Rid#5 to New Castle for 2014 NC#4.
  108. 8/2/14 Arizona sends G Mackenzie Bernadeau to Toledo for 2014 Bel#4 and 2014 Tow#8.
  109. 8/2/14 Denver sends RB Felix Jones to New Castle for 2014 NC#8.
  110. 8/2/14 Pittsburgh sends 2014 Car#5 to Keystone State for 2015 Ste#5 and 2015 Key#6.
  111. 8/2/14 Keystone State sends 2014 Ste#6, C Brad Meester, and 2015 Pre#5 to Maryland for 2015 Mar#5 and 2014 Pre#6.
  112. 8/2/14 Flatbush sends 2014 Fla#6 and 2014 Ari#8 to Denver for 2014 Pit#6 and 2014 Tol#7.
  113. 8/2/14 Maryland sends 2014 Tol#6 to Flatbush for 2014 Den#7 and 2014 Tol#7.
  114. 8/2/14 Denver sends 2014 Key#8 to Eugene for 2015 Ste#8 and 2015 Ely#8.
  115. 8/2/14 Denver sends C Patrick Lewis to Belfast QB Tyler Bray.
  116. 8/2/14 Maryland sends OLB Jermaine Cunningham for Pittsburgh DE Alex Okafor.
  117. 8/2/14 Denver sends DE Jake Bequette, S Matt Daniels, and 2015 Ste#8 to Arizona for 2015 Ari#8.
  118. 8/2/14 Ridgeville sends G Uche Nwaneri to Belfast for 2015 Bel#6.
  119. 8/2/14 Denver sends OLB Jayson DiManche to Toledo for ILB Kevin Reddick.
  120. 8/2/14 Ridgeville sends DB Jordan Poyer and G Stephen Schilling to Steel City for P Chris Jones and S Josh Aubrey.
  121. 8/2/14 Johnstown sends DT Jason Hatcher, S LaRon Landry, OLB Parys Haralson, and C Mike Windt to Steel City for T Chris Clark, DT Terrence Knighton, S James Ihedigbo, and DB Jordan Poyer.
  122. 8/3/14 Ridgeville sends ILB Josh Bynes to Pittsburgh for S Sanders Commings.
  123. 8/3/14 Pittsburgh sends CB Chimde Chekwe to Brookeville for ILB Pat Angerer.
  124. 8/3/14 Ridgeville sends S Brandian Ross and 2015 Rid#8 to Steel City for S Patrick Chung and 2015 Joh#7.
  125. 8/3/14 Keystone State sends DL DeAngelo Tyson, S Shelton Johnson, and 2015 Key#8 to Steel City for LB Russell Allen.
  126. 8/3/14 Ridgeville sends DE Stephen Bowen and QB Kyle Orton to Green Briar for 2015 GB#8.
  127. 8/3/14 Ridgeville sends HB Michael Hoomanawanui and 2015 GB#8 to Arizona for K Josh Scobee.
  128. 8/4/14 Brookeville sends T Tony Pashos to Flatbush for DE Michael Buchanan.
  129. 8/4/14 New Castle sends HB Bear Pascoe to Pittsburgh for G Tanner Hawkinson, G-T Will Svitek, S Eddie Pleasant, and 2015 Pit#8.
  130. 8/4/14 Arizona sends OLB Jacquin Williams to Bluff City for HB Gavin Escobar and 2015 Blu#8.
  131. 8/5/14 Ridgeville sends DT Tony McDaniel to Pittsburgh for DL B.J. Raji.
  132. 8/6/14 Ridgeville sends K Kai Forbath to Prescott for DT Jordan Hill.
  133. 8/6/14 Arizona sends DT Jared Odrick, CB Drayton Florence, and CB Kyle Wilson to Steel City for DE Kendall Reyes, CB Terence Newman, DT Brandon Thompson, T Bryce Harris, and 2015 Fla#7.
  134. 8/6/14 Johnstown sends S Daimion Stafford to New York for C Eric Kush.
  135. 8/6/14 Brookeville sends ILB Ramon Humber to Montcalm for QB Charlie Whitehurst.
  136. 8/7/14 Carolina sends K Shayne Graham, QB Jeff Tuel, and OLB Kaelin Burnett to Steel City for WR Marvin McNutt and 2015 Rid#8.
  137. 8/7/14 Brookeville sends G Will Rackley, WR Mario Manningham, and DE Da’Quan Bowers to Johnstown for QB Matt McGloin and S Ryan Mundy.
  138. 8/7/14 Pittsburgh sends P Zoltan Mesko to Arizona for DE Lavar Edwards.
  139. 8/8/14 Buffalo Grove sends WR Santana Moss to Brookeville for 2015 Rid#7.
  140. 8/8/14 Buffalo Groves sends RB Marcus Thigpen to Arizona for 2015 Blu#8.
  141. 8/8/14 Keystone State sends QB Kellen Clemens to Elyria for 2015 Ely#6.
  142. 8/8/14 Buffalo Grove sends QB Matt Flynn to Keystone State for 2015 Key#5.
  143. 8/8/14 Toledo sends C-G Cody Wallace and 2015 Tol#8 to Steel City for 2015 Joh#8.
  144. 8/8/14 New Castle sends DT Dan Williams to Steel City for DT Kendall Langford.
  145. 8/9/14 Brookeville sends G Shelley Smith and 2015 Ste#7 to Prescott for TE Lance Kendricks and TE Larry Donnell.
  146. 8/11/14 Prescott sends T Byron Bell to Carolina for 2015 Car#5.
  147. 8/11/14 Carolina sends G Daryn Colledge to Brookeville for 2015 Bro#6.
  148. 8/11/14 Steel City sends ILB Brian Cushing and CB Morris Claiborne to Keystone State for TE Brandon Myers, ILB Michael Mauti, and 2015 Key#2.
  149. 8/11/14 Brookeville sends T Derek Newton to Keystone State for G Chris Williams and RB Mario Harvey.
  150. 8/11/14 Arizona sends T Jah Reid and DL Cliff Matthews to Bluff City for P Bryan Anger.
  151. 8/13/14 Denver sends DE Mike Daniels, RB C.J. Anderson, G Josh Kline, T Corey Hilliard, TE Dorin Dickerson, CB Deshawn Shead, DE Lawrence Guy, DT Sione Fua, OLB Nate Palmer, and 2015 Ely#7 to Johnstown for DE Adrian Clayborn and 2015 Joh#5.
  152. 8/13/14 Maryland sends WR Pierre Garcon to Eugene for WR Percy Harvin, WR Kenny Britt, and 2015 Eug#6.
  153. 8/14/14 Brookeville sends DE Shea McClellin to Maryland for 2015 NC#5 and 2015 Eug#6.
  154. 8/14/14 Keystone State sends TE Ed Dickson to Eugene for TE Clay Harbor and DE Tyrunn Walker.
  155. 8/15/14 Toledo sends CB Antwon Blake to Steel City for DE Armonty Bryant.
  156. 8/15/14 New Castle sends K Phil Dawson to Steel City for K Matt Bryant, LB Matt Herzlich, and 2015 Key#8.
  157. 8/15/14 Denver sends QB Colt McCoy and 2015 Ari#8 to Ridgeville for 2015 Tow#7.
  158. 8/16/14 Arizona sends S Yeremiah Bell, G-T James Brewer, and 2015 GB#8 to New Castle for 2015 NC#7.
  159. 8/16/14 New Castle sends DE Benson Mayowe and OLB Zavier Gooden to Maryland for P Tim Masthay.
  160. 8/17/14 New Castle sends P Tim Masthay to Steel City for K Ryan Succop.
  161. 8/17/14 Eugene sends OLB Philip Wheeler and 2015 Eug#8 to Keystone State for 2015 Ely#6.
  162. 8/17/14 Denver sends QB Seneca Wallace to Steel City for QB Matt Hasselbeck.
  163. 8/18/14 Prescott sends OLB LaRoy Reynolds to Steel City for K Shayne Graham.
  164. 8/18/14 Keystone State sends WR Jacoby Ford and DT Terrell McClain to Arizona for G-T Gabe Carimi.
  165. 8/18/14 Keystone State sends CB Morris Claiborne to Maryland for OLB Brandon Graham and 2015 Pre#5.
  166. 8/18/14 Keystone State sends G Garrett Reynolds, P Dustin Colquitt, and 2015 Buf#1 to Buffalo Grove for G Brandon Brooks, P Shane Lechler, and 2015 Buf#4.
  167. 8/18/14 Arizona sends WR Jacoby Ford and 2015 Ste#8 to Prescott for 2015 Pre#8.
  168. 8/18/14 Johnstown sends QB Drew Stanton to Philadelphia for QB Dan Orlovsky.
  169. 8/18/14 Toledo sends G Richie Incognito and 2015 Joh#8 to Belfast for 2015 Bel#7.
  170. 8/18/14 Arizona sends WR Michael Preston and DL Ryan Davis to Steel City for 2015 Tol#8.
  171. 8/21/14 Towson sends P Brian Moorman and 2015 Tow#8 to Maryland for CB Champ Bailey.
  172. 8/21/14 Maryland sends G Jacques McClendon and 2015 Tow#8 to Keystone State for WR A.J. Jenkins.
  173. 8/22/14 Keystone State sends TE Clay Harbor to Maryland for LB Russell Allen.
  174. 9/16/14 Keystone State sends G Jacques McClendon to Green Briar for C Nick Hardwick.
  175. 10/7/14 Keystone State sends OLB Courtney Upshaw, TE Levine Toilolo, and DL Ricky Jean-Francois to Bullard for OLB Chad Greenway, DT Kyle Williams, and S Danny McCray.
  176. 10/14/14 Keystone State sends QB Matt Flynn, LB Russell Allen, and 2015 Buf#4 to Eugene for QB Josh McCown and HB MarQueis Gray.
  177. 10/14/14 Elyria sends QB Thad Lewis, ILB Nick Barnett, LB Akeem Dent, QB-WR Josh Cribbs, and 2015 Ely#3 to Eugene for DL Justin Tuck, LB Erin Henderson, CB DeAngelo Hall, S Quintin Demps.