2023 Transactions

  1. 3/20/23 Brookeville sends OLB Joe Thomas, WR Scotty Miller, and 2023 Bro#4 to Eugene for OLB Anthony Nelson, CB Avonte Maddox, and 2023 Eug#5.
  2. 4/10/23 Rock Hill sends QB Jared Goff, RB Jamycal Hasty, T Andre Dillard, and 2023 Roc#2 to Minneapolis for T Laremy Tunsil, CB Desmond King, and QB Cooper Rush.
  3. 4/13/23 Brookeville sends S Kareem Jackson and QB Sam Ehlinger to Eugene for S DeShon Elliott, DL Kentavius Street, and G John Simpson.
  4. 4/13/23 Maryland sends CB Denzel Ward and CB Michael Jackson to New York for 2023 NY#1 and 2023 NY#8.
  5. 4/14/23 Maryland sends DT Khyiris Tonga, OLB Tony Fields, S Israel Mukuamu, 2023 Pre#2, 2023 Mar#3, and 2024 Mar#2 to Brookeville for 2023 Bro#1 and 2023 MNL#3.
  6. 4/17/23 Towson sends CB Stephen Gilmore and S Devon McCourty to Maryland for 2023 Mar#4 and 2024 Mar#6.
  7. 4/19/23 Brookeville sends CB Eli Apple, C Ben Jones, DT Roy Lopez, T La’el Collins, S Lonnie Johnson, OLB Tony Fields, ILB Jacob Phillips, and 2023 Rid#4 to Eugene for DT Grover Stewart, C-G Evan Brown, and LB-S Kyle Dugger.
  8. 4/20/23 Maryland sends WR Noah Brown to Eugene for 2023 Vir#4.
  9. 4/20/23 Toronto sends TE David Njoku and K Brett Maher to Maryland for 2023 Min#3 and 2024 Mar#7.
  10. 4/24/23 Buffalo Grove sends OLB Rashad Weaver, WR DeAndre Carter, and C Jon Feliciano to Virginia for RB D’Onta Foreman and CB Anthony Brown.
  11. 4/29/23 Springboro sends RB Josh Jacobs to Minnesota for WR Jaylen Waddle.
  12. 4/29/23 Brookeville sends TE Chris Manhertz, OLB Adetokunbo Ogundeji, G Elijah Wilkinson, RB Marlon Mack, and S Israel Mukuamu to Eugene for 2023 Eug#3 and 2024 Eug#5.
  13. 4/29/23 Las Vegas sends OLB Dre Greenlaw and 2024 LV#6 to Brookeville for LB Kyzir White and 2024 Bro#2.
  14. 5/2/23 Arizona sends ILB Devin Bush to Bleeding for DL DeShawn Williams.
  15. 5/3/23 Arizona sends T Andrew Wylie to Las Vegas for DL Calais Campbell.
  16. 5/3/23 Towson sends TE Travis Kelce, DE-OLB Von Miller, and S Rodney McLeod to Brookeville for DT Kentavius Street, S Amani Hooker, 2023 Bro#2, 2023 MNL#5, 2024 Bro#1, and 2024 Bro#3.
  17. 5/3/23 Bleeding sends WR Adam Thielen, 2023 Pal#6, 2023 Buf#7, and 2024 Ble#7 to Arizona for 2023 NY#3.
  18. 5/4/23 Maryland sends CB Stephon Gilmore and 2023 Vir#4 to Brookeville for 2023 Eug#3 and 2023 Vir#8.
  19. 5/8/23 Elyria sends T Morgan Moses to Ridgeville for 2024 Rid#2 and 2023 Rid#5.
  20. 5/8/23 Brookeville sends ILB Josey Jewell, DL Zach Allen, ILB Jonas Griffith, and 2023 LV#6 to Towson for ILB Lavonte David, DE Cameron Jordan, and 2024 Tow#8.
  21. 5/8/23 Maryland sends WR Shi Smith to Arizona for 2023 Tow#6.
  22. 5/9/23 Toledo sends QB Joe Flacco and 2023 Tol#3 to Kentucky for QB Andy Dalton.
  23. 5/9/23 Towson sends QB Ryan Tannehill to Maryland for G Will Fries and 2024 Mar#3.
  24. 5/9/23 Towson sends TE Gerald Everett, T Kelvin Beachum, and WR Kalif Raymond to Ridgeville for OLB Kaden Elliss and QB Colt McCoy.
  25. 5/9/23 Maryland sends TE David Njoku, 2023 Tol#5, and 2023 Mar#8 to Denver for 2023 Den#2.
  26. 5/16/23 St. Louis sends C Ryan Kelly, DE Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, and DT Kevin Givens to Santa Fe for T Jonah Williams and DE Chase Young.
  27. 5/16/23 Brookeville sends TE Dawson Knox and 2024 Bro#7 to Eugene for 2024 Eug#3 and 2024 Eug#6.
  28. 5/16/23 Springboro sends WR KJ Hamler and 2023 Spr#7 to Brookeville for CB Darren Hall.
  29. 5/19/23 Towson sends C Jake Brendel to Toledo for 2023 Pre#4.
  30. 5/19/23 Towson sends DE-OLB Denico Autry and 2023 MNL #5 to Brookeville for 2023 Vir#4 and 2023 Ken#4.
  31. 5/22/23 Kentucky sends CB Rasul Douglas to Buffalo Grove for WR Jauan Jennings, CB Darnay Holmes, and 2023 Buf#3.
  32. 5/22/23 Brookeville sends RB Godwin Igwebuike, OLB Dre Greenlaw, DL Arik Armstead, DE-OLB Dawuane Smoot, S Jordan Fuller, and 2024 Bro#8 to Eugene for DL Aaron Donald, 2024 Eug#4, and 2023 Den#6.
  33. 5/22/23 Towson sends T Riley Reiff to Brookeville for 2023 Ken#6.
  34. 5/22/23 Ridgeville sends P Pressley Harvin and 2023 Pit#8 to Toledo for 2023 Ari#8.
  35. 5/22/23 Ridgeville sends DT Andrew Billings to Towson for G Matt Feiler and RB Keith Smith.
  36. 5/24/23 Towson sends ILB Eric Kendricks, DT Andrew Billings, and TE Albert Okwuegbunam to Maryland for 2023 Mar#5, 2023 Tow#6, 2023 Vir#8, 2023 NY#8, and 2024 Mar#4.
  37. 5/25/23 Ridgeville sends TE Brycen Hopkins and 2023 Ari#8 to Arizona for 2023 Buf#7.
  38. 6/1/23 Brookeville sends K Greg Zuerlein to Minnesota for 2024 MNL#5.
  39. 6/1/23 Toronto sends OLB Lorenzo Carter to Toledo for 2023 Tol#4.
  40. 6/1/23 Carolina sends T David Bakhtiari, G Rodger Saffold, and K Chris Boswell to Minneapolis for 2023 Spr#3 and 2023 Spr#6.
  41. 6/2/23 Maryland sends DE Kwity Paye, TE Colby Parkinson, 2023 Mar#2, 2023 Eug#3, and 2024 Mar#5 to Elyria for CB Tyson Campbell.
  42. 6/5/23 Maryland sends C Josh Myers to Conroe for 2024 Con#3.
  43. 6/6/23 Denver sends T Brandon Shell and 2023 Roc#5 to Las Vegas for 2023 LV#4.
  44. 6/7/23 Carolina sends RB Cordarrell Patterson to Minneapolis for 2024 Min#4 and 2023 Min#8.
  45. 7/24/23 New Castle sends QB Matt Ryan to New York for 2023 NY#6.
  46. 7/31/23 Santa Fe sends RB Nyheim Hines to Brookeville for 2024 Bro#5.
  47. 7/31/23 Denver sends S Jason Pinnock and 2023 Pal#5 to Santa Fe for 2023 Con#4.
  48. 8/3/23 Brookeville sends RB Jerick McKinnon and 2023 Mar#3 to Steel City for RB D’Andre Swift and 2023 SF#4.
  49. 8/3/23 Brookeville sends DT Grover Stewart and S DeShon Elliott to Prescott for DE Yannick Ngakoue and 2024 Pre#3.
  50. 8/4/23 Buffalo Grove sends RB Eno Benjamin to New Castle for 2024 NC#6.
  51. 8/4/23 Toledo sends P Michael Palardy and 2023 Tol#8 to New Castle for 2023 NC#8.
  52. 8/7/23 Kentucky sends LB Khaleke Hudson and 2023 Ken#7 to Brookeville for 2023 STL#6.
  53. 8/8/23 Arizona sends RB Zack Moss, 2023 Vir#2, 2023 Ari#4, 2023 STL#5, 2023 Pal#6, and 2023 Tow#7 to New Castle for 2023 NC#1.
  54. 8/8/23 Steel City sends RB Samaje Perine to New Castle for 2023 STL#5.
  55. 8/10/23 Maryland sends CB Kelvin Joseph, TE Albert Okwuegbunam, ILB Isaiah McDuffie, DE Khalid Kareem, and 2024 Con#3 to Eugene for C Ethan Pocic.
  56. 8/10/23 New Castle sends RB Samaje Perine to Ridgeville for RB Latavius Murray.
  57. 8/11/23 Arizona sends T Yosh Nijman, T Dennis Daley, and DL Calais Campbell to Prescott for DE Carl Granderson, 2023 Pre#6, and 2023 Pre#7.
  58. 8/11/23 Towson sends K Ka’imi Fairbairn to Arizona for 2024 Ari#5.
  59. 8/12/23 Palmyra sends T Trent Wiliams to Toledo for DT Javon Kinlaw, DT Derrick Nnadi, 2024 Tol#2, and 2024 Tol#6.
  60. 8/12/23 Elyria sends 2023 Ely#8 to Eugene for K Nick Folk.
  61. 8/12/23 Bleeding sends 2023 Ble#1 to Maryland for WR Cameron Sutton, 2023 Buf#1, and 2023 Den#2.
  62. 8/12/23 Ridgeville sends 2023 Rid#1, 2023 Rid#3, and 2024 Rid#3 to Denver for 2023 Den#1 and 2024 Den#1.
  63. 8/12/23 Carolina sends 2023 Car#1 to Bleeding for 2023 Buf#1 and 2023 Pal#7.
  64. 8/12/23 Ridgeville sends 2023 Rid#2 to Virginia for 2024 Vir#2 and 2024 Vir #5.
  65. 8/12/23 St, Louis sends WR Greg Dortch to Santa Fe for 2023 SF#5, 2023 Pal#5, and 2023 LV#5.
  66. 8/12/23 Santa Fe sends 2023 SF#7, 2023 Bro#7, 2023 Min#7, 2023 SF#8, and 2023 Ste#8 to St. Louis for 2024 STL#6, 2024 STL#7, and 2024 STL#8.
  67. 8/12/23 Rock Hill sends 2023 Roc#4 to Denver for 2023 LV#4 and 2023 Tol#5.
  68. 8/12/23 Towson sends 2023 Spr#4 and 2023 Vir#4 to Bleeding for 2024 Ble#3.
  69. 8/12/23 Steel City sends T Chukwuma Okorafor to Arizona for G Andrew Norwell and 2023 Pre#6.
  70. 8/12/23 Denver sends 2023 Con#4 and 2023 Pre#8 to Toledo for 2023 NC#4 and 2023 Tor#8.
  71. 8/12/23 Denver sends 2023 Den#4 to Steel City for 2023 STL#5, 2023 Tor#7, and 2024 Ste#8.
  72. 8/12/23 New Castle sends 2023 NC#6 to Toledo for T Duane Brown.
  73. 8/12/23 Las Vegas sends 2024 LV#3 to St. Louis for 2023 SF#7, 2023 Bro#7, 2023 Min#7, 2023 SF#8, and 2023 STL#8.
  74. 8/12/23 Towson sends 2023 Ste#6 to Virginia for 2024 Vir#6 and 2024 Vir#7.
  75. 8/12/23 Ridgeville sends 2023 Ste#7 to Kentucky for 2024 Ken#6.
  76. 8/12/23 Ridgeville sends G Phil Haynes and 2023 Buf#7 to Towson for 2024 Ari#5.
  77. 8/12/23 Denver sends 2023 Eug#8 to Maryland for 2024 Mar#8.
  78. 8/12/23 Palmyra sends 2023 Den#8 to Brookeville for 2024 Tow#8.
  79. 8/12/23 Arizona sends CB Deane Leonard to Pittsburgh for QB Chris Streveler.
  80. 8/12/23 Brookeville sends QB Skylar Thompson to Toledo for RB Spencer Brown.
  81. 8/12/23 Carolina sends DE-OLB Justin Houston, CB Tyler Hall, G-T Cade Mays, and WR Dareke Young to Denver for 2024 Den#3.
  82. 8/12/23 Brookeville sends WR Keke Coutee to Maryland for DL James Lynch.
  83. 8/12/23 Maryland sends DT Kurt Hinish to Conroe for C Tyler Larsen.
  84. 8/12/23 Arizona sends RB Rico Dowdle to Denver for DE Jordan Willis.
  85. 8/12/23 Arizona sends CB Ahkello Witherspoon to Brookeville for CB Avonte Maddox.
  86. 8/12/23 Eugene sends CB Christian Matthew, DL Earnest Brown, and WR Montrell Washington to Bleeding for S Andrew Adams.
  87. 8/14/23 Arizona sends G Sean Rhyan to Ridgeville for DT Nathan Shepherd.
  88. 8/14/23 Brookeville sends TE Johnny Mundt to New York for S Percy Butler.
  89. 8/14/23 Towson sends TE Teagan Quitoriano, T Matt Waletzko, and CB Sam Webb to Denver for CB Damarion Williams.
  90. 8/14/23 Denver sends WR Michael Strachan to Prescott for OLB Baylon Spector.
  91. 8/14/23 Toronto sends QB Blaine Gabbert to Denver for OLB Chris Rumph.
  92. 8/14/23 Toronto sends WR Tyler Boyd to Kentucky for WR Cedrick Wilson and 2024 Ken#3.
  93. 8/14/23 Denver sends WR Russell Gage and 2024 Den#8 to Prescott for WR Pharoh Cooper, 2024 Pre#4, and 2024 Pre#7.
  94. 8/14/23 New Castle sends DL Breiden Fehoko to Ridgeville for QB Bryce Perkins.
  95. 8/14/23 New Castle sends S Jamal Adams to Minneapolis for C Ted Karras.
  96. 8/14/23 New Castle sends LB Brandon Smith to Bleeding for S Logan Ryan.
  97. 8/15/23 Towson sends ILB Josey Jewell to Minneapolis for 2024 Min#3 and 2024 Min#6.
  98. 8/15/23 Bleeding sends CB Troy Hill and 2024 Ble#8 to Arizona for K-P Trenton Gill and 2024 Ari#7.
  99. 8/15/23 Arizona sends LB Mack Wilson to Brookeville for OLB Anthony Nelson, LB Jordan Kunaszyk, and C-G Lecitus Smith.
  100. 8/15/23 Minneapolis sends RB Ty Montgomery to Ridgeville for WR Lance McCutcheon.
  101. 8/15/23 Ridgeville sends RB Samaje Perine and CB Isaiah Rodgers to Rock Hill for 2024 Roc#4.
  102. 8/16/23 Maryland sends QB Desmond Ridder to Steel City for T Kolten Miller.
  103. 8/16/23 Carolina sends ILB Tanner Muse to New Castle for G Oday Aboushi.
  104. 8/17/23 Brookeville sends DL Poona Ford to New Castle for DE Austin Bryant and RB D’Ernest Johnson.
  105. 8/17/23 Maryland sends T Taylor Moton to Prescott for 2024 Pre#5 and 2024 Pre#6.
  106. 8/17/23 Las Vegas sends CB Kendall Fuller, S Kevin Byard, and 2024 LV#4 to Buffalo Grove for S Justin Simmons, CB Rasul Douglas, and DL Akiem Hicks.
  107. 8/17/23 Ridgeville sends C Brock Hoffman to Minneapolis for RB Brittain Brown.
  108. 8/18/23 Toledo sends K Taylor Bertolet to Ridgeville for G-T Lewis Kidd.
  109. 8/18/23 Ridgeville sends TE CJ Uzomah to Arizona for TE Tyree Jackson and 2024 Ari#8.
  110. 8/18/23 New Castle sends RB Phillip Lindsay and 2024 NC#8 to Toronto for 2024 Tor#8.
  111. 8/18/23 Brookeville sends CB Emmanuel Moseley and WR Marquez Callaway to Pittsburgh for 2024 Pit#5.
  112. 8/21/23 Arizona sends RB Michael Carter to Springboro for 2024 Spr#5.
  113. 8/22/23 Towson sends TE Jordan Atkins to Maryland for 2024 Pre#6.
  114. 8/22/23 Brookeville sends HB Reggie Gillam to Pittsburgh for 2024 Pit#7.
  115. 8/23/23 Toledo sends QB Skyler Thompson to Eugene for 2024 Eug#7.
  116. 8/24/23 Eugene sends S George Odum, RB Jonathan Williams, and 2024 Eug#8 to Arizona for 2024 Ble#7.
  117. 8/25/23 Arizona sends K Brandon McManus to New York for 2024 NY#7.
  118. 8/25/23 New Castle sends QB Bryce Perkins to Conroe for 2024 Con#8.
  119. 8/25/23 Toledo sends G Cody Whitehair to Toronto for 2024 Tor#7.
  120. 8/25/23 Towson sends G Tyler Shatley to Prescott for T Lucas Niang and 2024 Pre#8.
  121. 8/25/23 Towson sends RB Zonovan Knight and S Adrian Amos to Steel City for LB Sione Takitaki.
  122. 8/25/23 Maryland sends C Carson Tinker to Ridgeville for WR Dee Eskridge.
  123. 8/27/23 Towson sends CB Tremon Smith to Conroe for DT Taylor Stallworth and 2024 Con#6.
  124. 9/1/23 Towson sends WR Corey Davis and 2024 Pre#8 to New Castle for S Lonnie Johnson and 2024 Tor#8.
  125. 10/5/23 Brookeville sends RB Deon Jackson and 2024 Eug#5 to Towson for LB Sione Takitaki.
  126. 10/13/23 Denver sends DE Emmanuel Ogbah, ILB Carter Coughlin, and 2024 Den#7 to Bleeding for RB Nick Bellore and RB JD McKissic.
  127. 10/17/23 Buffalo Grove sends QB Marcus Mariota, G Luke Goedeke, CB Anthony Brown, RB Damien Harris, RB Giovanni Bernard, DE-OLB Carlos Dunlap, DL Zach Carter, and 2024 Buf#4 to Bleeding for RB Miles Sanders, CB Amik Robertson, DE Frank Clark, CB Montaric Brown, CB Christian Matthew, RB Gary Brightwell, and WR Tre’Quan Smith.
  128. 10/20/23 Denver sends DL Ta’Quon Graham, CB Amani Oruwariye, and 2024 Pre#7 to Bleeding for S Logan Ryan and G-T Royce Newman.
  129. 10/24/23 Denver sends T Matt Waletzko and 2024 Den #6 to Springboro for WR Sterling Shepard.
  130. 10/24/23 Bleeding sends S John Johnson, CB Tre Brown, and 2024 Den#7 to Brookeville for OLB Luke Masterson, S Brandon Jones, and 2024 Eug#4.